Four women sued Stanley due to lead contamination concerns

Thursday, 29/02/2024, 14:21 (GMT+7)

Stanley became the focus of attention when they were sued due to customers' concerns about the use of lead in the production of the cups.

Four women have taken legal action against Stanley, the manufacturer of Stanley Cups, citing worries about lead contamination. 

The cups gained widespread popularity, but allegations suggest that the company used the lead in the process of production.

Four women sued Stanley due to lead contamination concerns 1
The customer sued Stanley for using lead in the manufacturing process. Image Credit: Reddit

Four women sued Stanley for using lead in the production of the cups

Stanley Cups gained significant attention and became an online sensation, with people rushing to get their hands on them and showcasing their special edition collections.

However, the recent lawsuit alleges that the company misled consumers by not disclosing the presence of lead in the vacuum seals of the cups.

The four women, who filed the case in Los Angeles, claim that they would not have purchased the cups if they had been aware of the lead content. 

Four women sued Stanley due to lead contamination concerns 2
Four women affirmed that they would not buy Stanley cups because they contain lead. Image Credit: Getty

They argue that Stanley's owner, Pacific Market International, marketed the cups as safe and reusable while being aware of the lead in the product.

Stanley confirmed there was lead inside the cups

Responding to this allegation, Stanley has acknowledged that their cups contain lead.

However, they affirm that the lead is not present on any surface that comes into contact with the contents or consumer. 

The concern raised is whether this could change over time, especially if the cups become damaged or worn.

Four women sued Stanley due to lead contamination concerns 3
Stanley admits they use lead in the manufacturing process but it does not pose a danger to users. Image Credit: Reddit

The viral trend surrounding these cups has prompted some consumers to take matters into their own hands.

There is a series of videos on social media showing individuals using 'home kits' to test the amount of lead in their Stanley Cups.

While the effectiveness of these tests has yet to be confirmed, it does highlight customer concerns about lead content in Stanley products.

Stanley's revenue has skyrocketed as a result of the cups' popularity, reaching approximately $750 million.

Four women sued Stanley due to lead contamination concerns 4
Stanley has become very popular these days. Image Credit: TikTok

What caused Stanley's incredible popularity

Stanley's Cup went viral from a post of a woman named Danielle (@danimariellettering) on TikTok who shared a video about her car catching fire. 

Despite the severe incident, her Stanley Cup miraculously survived the fire and still had ice inside. The video went viral, catching the attention of online users and Stanley, the famous cup company.

Touched by Danielle's story, Stanley's global president, Terence Reilly, took to TikTok to express his relief that she was safe and offered to gift her a new brand car. 

Four women sued Stanley due to lead contamination concerns 5
Stanley went viral from the video depicting the Stanley Cup surviving a car fire. Image Credit: TikTok

Stanley then fulfilled their promise and delivered a brand-new car to Danielle.

Social media users praised Stanley's generous actions and expressed their support for the company's products. 

Danielle's story and how Stanley handled it inspired many to purchase Stanley Cups, realizing their worth and the care the company showed towards their customers.