Stanley Cup company offers new car to woman whose cup survived viral car fire

Thursday, 21/12/2023, 11:56 (GMT+7)

Reputable cup manufacturer Stanley has gained attention after giving a replacement vehicle for the woman whose Stanley cup miraculously survived a car fire.

Stanley, the renowned cup company, has made headlines with a heartwarming story of delivering a replacement car to a woman whose cup miraculously survived a car fire

Stanley Cup company offers new car to woman whose cup survived viral car fire 1
A replacement car from Stanley Cup Company is delivered to the woman whose cup survived a viral car fire. Image Credit: TikTok/@danimarielettering

The incident gained viral attention after the woman, known as Danielle (@danimariellettering) on TikTok, shared a video showcasing the aftermath of her burnt vehicle, including the surviving Stanley Cup.

In the TikTok video, Danielle opens the car door to reveal a scene of devastation. The interior of the car has been ravaged by flames, with the seats and steering wheel destroyed. 

However, amidst the wreckage, one thing remains intact: Danielle's Stanley Cup. 

Astonishingly, not only did the cup survive the fire, but it still contained ice.

The video became a brilliant advertisement for Stanley Cups, as it demonstrated their durability and resilience.

Stanley Cup company offers new car to woman whose cup survived viral car fire 2
Danielle's Stanley Cup, despite a fire, remained intact and ice-filled, serving as a powerful advertisement for the durability and resilience of Stanley Cups. Image Credit: TikTok/@danimarielettering

Touched by the viral video, Stanley's global president, Terence Reilly, took to TikTok to express his relief that Danielle was safe and offered to replace her with a new car

In a heartwarming turn of events, Stanley fulfilled its promise and provided Danielle with a brand-new car. 

Reilly shared an update on social media, expressing gratitude for the global response to their act of kindness. 

He stated that Stanley's gesture was intended as a simple act of goodwill in a world that often lacks kindness.

"We delivered the car. Stanley's offer to replace a woman's vehicle a few weeks ago was intended merely as a kind gesture in an increasingly unkind world.

"Somehow, our simple act of kindness went remarkably viral around the globe. Who knows why? I guess people everywhere are just tired of the meanness in this world.

"As promised, we delivered the brand-new car that Danielle requested. We did so without a lot of marketing hoopla, opting for a simple, little moment as the car is now her story to tell.

"Thank you, Danielle, enjoy the new ride. Happy Holidays from all of us at Stanley."

Stanley Cup company offers new car to woman whose cup survived viral car fire 3
Stanley's global president, Terence Reilly, expressed relief over the woman's unfortunate accident and offered to replace Danielle with a new car. Image Credit: TikTok/@stanleybrand

Reilly emphasized that the delivery of the new car was not accompanied by any grand marketing campaign. 

Instead, it was a humble moment, allowing Danielle to tell her own story. He thanked Danielle for accepting the gift.

In response to Stanley's actions regarding the woman's unfortunate incident, social media users were extremely excited and praised the company's generous and kind actions, and affirmed that they would support Stanley's products in the future.

Stanley Cup company offers new car to woman whose cup survived viral car fire 4
Stanley delivered a car as a kind and generous action to Danielle. Image Credit: @TikTok/@danimarielettering

Stanley surviving a fire with ice in it is crazy, one user said.

It is because of your story I bought a Stanley!! The second exclaimed.

So honored to join your journey, Danielle! We hope your Mazda CX-90 rebuilds your trust in cars & elevates the moments your family shares on the road, Mazda company which supported Stanley provided a new vehicle for Danielle, said in a video.

This made me realize Stanley really is worth the price! Another commented.

Your story and how Stanley handled it, made me buy my first Stanley, wrote someone.

So impressed with Stanley! They took care of a customer, which isn't seen very often. Enjoy the new ride! Someone praised the Stanley Cup company.