Google maps has captured a 'UFO' seemingly floating mid-air

Friday, 18/08/2023, 13:19 (GMT+7)

Social media users were left surprised, thinking that Google Maps might have documented a 'UFO' sighting in Bermuda.

Recently, social media users claimed that Google Maps has captured an out-of-this-world object on camera.

Many people believe that this otherworldly object is a 'UFO,' seemingly floating mid-air.

Google maps has captured a 'UFO' seemingly floating mid-air 1
Image Credits: Google map

A TikTok video, accompanied by unsettlingly dramatic music, provides a step-by-step guide to finding the mysterious disc, seemingly suspended in mid-air.

Many users believe it is a bird or a plane. However, others have claimed that Google Maps captured a 'UFO.

Upon closer examination of the Hamilton Parish area adjacent to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, you can take a virtual walk around.

Upon reaching this spot, you can veer to the right and proceed to the 'Caribbean Exhibit,' where, upon casting a glance to the left, the unidentified object is prominently visible.

Google maps has captured a 'UFO' seemingly floating mid-air 2
Image Credits: Google map

However, not everyone seems to be rushing to call NASA, as many remain skeptical about the existence of a 'UFO' seemingly floating mid-air.

One person said: More like a bird, mid-wing beat, which is why it is dark in color with brown closer to the center, as the wings and always lighter in color when spread/flying.

A second wrote: Love how whenever a picture is taken of a UFO, it looks like it's been used with a disposable camera from 1990.

A third commented: I may have tossed a dinner plate from my balcony. Or maybe Lisa Lea Ray threw a saucer off hers lol 

Another wrote: Seen one that looked convincing but turned out to be an old fashion street light on a wire. Similarly to that 

Someone else said: So what, Aliens live among us 

A user wrote: It's just an alien spacecraft 

Another continued: That's a bird trying to land lol 

Another added: I saw one in Switzerland!!!   




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