Man asks wife to pay $890 for his 6-hour house cleaning job

Sunday, 28/01/2024, 11:39 (GMT+7)

A man leaves the online community a burst of laughter after revealing he charged his wife $890 after spending 6 hours cleaning the house.

In a recent event, a man has left the online community in stitches of laughter as he shared the amusing story of charging his wife a whopping $890 for his six-hour house cleaning endeavor. 

The unexpected twist in this story has sparked a wave of amusement and curiosity, leaving many wondering about the humorous reason behind such a high-sky fee.

Man asks wife to pay $890 for his 6-hour house cleaning job 1
A man charged his wife $890 for 6 hours of cleaning the house. Image Credit: Kennedy

The man charged his wife $890 for the 6 hours he spent cleaning the house

Marc Hatch, who owns Clean Me carpet and upholstery cleaning company, spent six grueling hours cleaning the house, repairing a large sofa, three bedroom carpets, and stone floors.

After completing the job, Hatch wrote an invoice for $890 to his wife asking her to pay him 'salary' for 6 hours.

The husband said they both got a bargain as he would receive $890 for 6 hours of work, while his wife would get to rest during that time.

The transaction was also posted by Hatch on Facebook with a humorous explanation that "The customer" was satisfied with the service but "refused to pay" him.

Man asks wife to pay $890 for his 6-hour house cleaning job 2
Hatch believes that both benefit from this transaction. Image Credit: Getty

In the post, Hatch shared: "Customers reported being very satisfied with our cleaning service in cleaning a large corner sofa, 3 bedroom carpets and stone floors. This is great news, or at least so!”

However, the man said he has yet to receive payment of $890 for the six-hour cleaning job.

Hatch humorously shared a screenshot showing that he sent a payment request to his wife and she happily responded with a short statement: "Get a grip, we're married with three kids."

His post quickly attracted many online users because of its humor.

Hatch repeatedly commented on his own post, claiming that it was hard work and took him half a day to complete.

The father of three said she laughed at the $890 bill I sent her.

Hatch said sometimes his wife will laugh at such bills, sometimes she will get mad if I "overstep my bounds."

"But I always make things funny enough to keep my family entertained. And of course, I always send her bills for my cleaning jobs."

Man asks wife to pay $890 for his 6-hour house cleaning job 3
Hatch made his wife laugh with his $890 bill for a six-hour cleaning job. Image Credit: Kennedy

Hatch's wife, Jasmine, said they often joke about what they pay for. And Hatch is always very funny in these stories.

Jasmine also humorously emphasized that Hatch has never been paid for his 'services.'

Several online users left comments on Hatch's post, sharing that they were amused by Hatch and Jasmine's way of maintaining family comfort.

Man asks wife to pay $890 for his 6-hour house cleaning job 4
Hatch's post amused the online community when he asked his wife to pay $890 for cleaning work. Image Credit: Getty

I didn't know who the customer was until I found out it was his wife, so I understood why he wasn't paid the money, lol, one user said.

We're the same, man, the second replied.

That's interesting, I hope you get the cleaning money in the future, haha, wrote another.