US man reveals two telltale signs you could be fired at any moment

Saturday, 30/12/2023, 17:20 (GMT+7)

With eight years of experience in the corporate world, Sweeny focused on a manager's behavior a week before firing an employee.

In today's corporate world, it can be difficult to discern whether your job is secure or if you're about to face the dreaded termination.

Fortunately, a corporate comedian from New York has shared some valuable insights into the telltale signs that indicate an impending firing. 

This informative video has garnered over 5.1 million views on TikTok, highlighting the widespread interest in this topic

Ben Sweeny, the Brooklyn-based comedian, aims to expose the irony and hypocrisy prevalent in the corporate environment through his satirical videos. 

Drawing inspiration from his eight years of experience in the corporate world and the various bosses he encountered, Sweeny's recent sketch focuses on the behaviors of a manager one week before firing an employee. 

US man reveals two telltale signs you could be fired at any moment 1
A Tiktoker reveals the signs you're about to be fired by your boss. Image Credit: TikTok

The first red flag highlighted in the video is when a manager starts meticulously tracking an employee's every move

Sweeny portrayed a stereotypical passive-aggressive boss, emphasizing that whatever the employee is doing, it is being noticed. 

The manager then proceeds to share a document that requires the employee to provide detailed weekly reports of their activities from Monday to Friday, hour-by-hour.

While this level of micromanagement does not necessarily indicate an impending firing, it does suggest the presence of a weak manager.

US man reveals two telltale signs you could be fired at any moment 2
Excessive monitoring and demanding detailed activity reports indicate a weak manager is planning to fire you. Image Credit: TikTok

Sweeny advises individuals facing such circumstances to consider switching careers promptly, as having a manager like this is unlikely to provide a positive work experience or opportunities for career advancement. 

He further advises affected employees not to voluntarily quit but rather let the corporation terminate their employment. 

Taking a stand for oneself and not allowing spineless corporations to weaken one's resolve is of utmost importance, according to Sweeny.

US man reveals two telltale signs you could be fired at any moment 3
He emphasizes the importance of standing up for oneself and letting the company fire them if necessary. Image Credit: TikTok

“On a serious note, never sign a PIP and never quit. Make them fire you if need be. Stand up for yourself,” he said.

The video resonated with online viewers, with many sharing their own experiences and affirming the detrimental effects of such management practices

It is evident that quiet firings, where employees are subjected to unbearable conditions instead of being directly fired, are becoming a disturbing trend in various workplaces.

The prevalence of mass layoffs across different industries further highlights the current challenges faced by employees. 

US man reveals two telltale signs you could be fired at any moment 4
The Tiktoker insisted quiet firing and mass layoffs highlight the challenges faced by employees. Image Credit: TikTok

hahahahahaha this is verbatim what my old boss did. hope she's not doing well, one user said.

I am 1,000 % convinced quiet firing is happening regularly in many places, the second insisted.

Don't forget the part where they have you train someone else how to do your job but are vague about why, wrote someone.

I did this and they found out that not only was I doing my work, but I was doing my boss's work too. Bye, boss, another commented.