Man vows ‘never to do Secret Santa again’ after receiving present from colleague

Saturday, 23/12/2023, 14:26 (GMT+7)

A man opens a gift he feels is pathetic, then vows never to do Secret Santa again.

Undoubtedly, the holidays can be one of the most enjoyable periods of your workday.

There are occasional treats in the office, a calendar indicating the date of the Christmas party, people in a celebratory mood, and, of course, a secret Santa.

Undoubtedly, some people take great satisfaction in their ability to give gifts just for the opportunity to demonstrate their skill.

That was not the case, though, for this TikToker, who, after receiving his gift, promised to 'never do Secret Santa again'.

A content creator, who goes by @Star_Hollywood, shared a video on Tiktok, revealing that he went the extra mile for his Secret Santa recipient.

Man vows ‘never to do Secret Santa again’ after receiving present from colleague 1
User @Star_Hollywood wrote on the Tiktik account that he went above and beyond for his Secret Santa recipient. Image Credits: @Star_Hollywood/Tiktok

“I put Christmas lights on the bag, Santa paper, and bells on the gift bag—the lady that I got went over and beyond,” he said.

So, when it was his turn to receive his gift on Friday, he thought the effort would be mutual, so he was pretty 'excited'.

He is excited I'm all festive,, he got his Christmas ugly sweater on.

Man vows ‘never to do Secret Santa again’ after receiving present from colleague 2
The TikToker claimed that the only thing he got for his Secret Santa was chocolate. Image Credits: @star_hollywood/Tiktok

“I get to work, everybody puts their bags down on the shelf. A couple hours go by, and they call everybody up.

"I’m excited; its Christmas time. Some people don’t get a gift, and secret Santa sometimes ensures that person that they get that one gift, so I make sure I always go above and beyond."

But his Secret Santa was nowhere to be found, and when he found out later that she wasn't in, he would have to

He had to wait until Monday to receive his gift, which he dismissed as 'no big deal.'

Man vows ‘never to do Secret Santa again’ after receiving present from colleague 3
Nevertheless, he was informed later that his Secret Santa wasn't in and that he wouldn't receive his gift until Monday because she wasn't visible. Image Credits: @star_hollywood/Tiktok

“I get to work today; I get my gift, y’all. She hands me my gift; I open it up, and this is what I have.” he said.

According to TikToker, the limit for Secret Santa was $25, and he acknowledges that these brands can be 'expensive'.

"Well, maybe she spent a little bit of money on the bow and the box because the box is kind of fancy,” he said.

“But y’all, I get a box of candy.”

And some TikTok users also couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Furthermore, a few users of TikTok were also taken aback by what they saw.

One person said: My secret Santa gave me a set of candle sticks by Waterford Crystal. I was FLOORED! Clearly over the $50 limit. I treasured those things for years until.

A second wrote: My secret Santa gave me a Christmas tree topper with the clearance sticker of $2.99. The limit was $30.

While a third commented: The only year I ever did it I got someone a nice gift, and my Secret Santa didn’t get me anything but still showed up, I was like,.

Someone else said: When we do Secret Santa, we fill out a paper that lists all our favorites. Drinks, candy, restaurants, stores, gift cards, colors, our hobbies, what we do to relax, what we love, and what we need.