Mom charges each family member $200 for Christmas dinner

Sunday, 03/12/2023, 15:55 (GMT+7)

With the mounting cost of living crisis, Bellucci's Christmas dinner comes with a whopping $200 price per person that includes a full turkey dinner as well as one glass of champagne.

Carla Bellucci gained significant media attention when she openly admitted to manipulating the system and deceiving healthcare professionals to receive a free noise job on the National Health Service (NHS).

Her scheme involved fabricating symptoms of depression to qualify for the procedure. This revelation sparked widespread controversy and raised concerns about the integrity of the healthcare system and the allocation of resources. 

Mom charges each family member $200 for Christmas dinner 1
Bellucci is imposing a $200 charge on her own family members for Christmas dinner. Image Credit: Instagram

Carla Bellucci, dubbed as 'Britain's most hated woman', faced such intense public backlash that she was compelled to relocate her residence due to the overwhelming amount of hate she received.

Like millions of others, Bellucci is eagerly looking forward to the festive season and has big plans to celebrate with her loved ones.

Taking on the role of the cook this year, Bellucci will be preparing Christmas lunch for a party of 15 people.

Bellucci has decided to charge $200 per person for Christmas dinner to reduce some of the financial strain caused by the ongoing crisis in the cost of living.

Mom charges each family member $200 for Christmas dinner 2
Bellucci will be in charge of cooking the Christmas dinner for 15 people. Image Credit: Instagram

In addition to addressing the growing expenses related to throwing a festive gathering, this decision takes into account the difficult financial situations that many people are currently facing.

The price for the Christmas dinner includes a lavish turkey dinner along with one glass of champagne.

Belluci says: "It's not cheap feeding people and it also takes a lot of time to put together a nice meal.

"I'll give them a glass of Champagne, but if they want any more booze, they can bring their own."

Bellucci has further disclosed that the $200 charge for the Christmas dinner includes a profit margin.

"Everything I do is for profit and my family understands that." the mom says.

Mom charges each family member $200 for Christmas dinner 3
The $200 dinner party is expected to include turkey and champagne. Image Credit: Getty

Bellucci admits that not all of her family members are in favor of the charge for the Christmas dinner.

She explains that some of them may be "disgusted" by the idea and could choose not to attend the event as a result.

Mom charges each family member $200 for Christmas dinner 4
Not all members supported Bellucci's idea about the Christmas dinner. Image Credit: Getty

The 42-year-old asserts that quality comes with a price, and he believes his dinner is more classy than a cheaper carvery.

He believes that it wouldn't be cheaper to go to a restaurant or hotel for a Christmas Day meal.