People are just learning this is not a toy car

Tuesday, 20/02/2024, 17:12 (GMT+7)

Many people mistook this as a toy car, but 90% don't really know what this is.

Recently, online users are feeling confused about an ancient object and up to 90% of people don't really know what it is.

Most people mistook it as a toy car. However, this is not an exact answer. Let's find out what this car-shaped object really is.

People are just learning this is not a toy car 1
Do you know what this is? It's not a toy car. Image Credit: Getty

They are an Avon Car Bottles

Pictures of the car-shaped item have been widely shared on social media, creating interesting discussions to find out what it really is.

This car-shaped item turns out to be an Avon Car Bottles.

Avon Car Bottles are a collection of vintage collectibles produced by the Avon company. 

Uses and design of Avon Car Bottles

These bottles are designed in the shape of various car models and were typically used to hold Avon's fragrances or aftershave. 

They gained popularity as unique and nostalgic items, appealing to both car enthusiasts and collectors.

The Avon Car Bottles come in different designs, representing classic car models from different eras. 

Some of the popular models include the Avon Straight Eight, a vintage race car-shaped bottle, and the Avon 1951 Studebaker, which pays homage to the iconic Studebaker car from that year. 

People are just learning this is not a toy car 2
The mystery item is the famous Avon Car Bottle. Image Credit: Getty

Another notable model is the Avon 1953 Ferrari, known for its sleek and fast design.

These bottles often featured intricate details, such as chrome accents, vibrant colors, and vintage-inspired packaging. 

They were not only functional but also served as decorative pieces that added a touch of nostalgia to any collection or display.

Avon Straight Eight

With the shape of a Straight Eight race car, this classic Avon bottle was popular in the 1970s.

This bottle is designed in the shape of a green Straight Eight racing car with a number 8 sticker on the front of the car.

People are just learning this is not a toy car 3
Avon Straight Eight stands out with its straight-line eight-cylinder design. Image Credit: Getty

The name "Straight Eight" was given to this bottle in honor of an early engine design where 8 cylinders were arranged in a straight line along the crankcase.

This type of engine was popular before World War I but was eventually replaced by more modern designs.

Avon 1951 Studebaker

Another remarkable bottle is the Avon 1951 Studebaker.

The Studebaker was a famous car manufacturer that sadly went out of business in the 1960s.

The Avon bottle, holding two ounces of Wild Country aftershave, celebrates the 1951 version of this iconic car. Finally, the Avon 1953 Ferrari bottle steals the show with its sleek design.

People are just learning this is not a toy car 4
Avon 1951 Studebaker is a perfume commemorating the 1951 version of the legendary Studebaker car. Image Credit: Getty

Avon 1953 Ferrari

Smaller than the other car bottles, this Ferrari decanter held two ounces of Wild Country aftershave.

Measuring a mere five inches in length, this particular decanter is smaller compared to other car-shaped bottles. It was initially designed to contain two ounces of Wild Country aftershave.

People are just learning this is not a toy car 5
Avon 1953 Ferrari is a smaller bottle compared to other automotive bottles. Image Credit: Getty