Essential kitchen tools to make preparing herbs easier

Friday, 09/02/2024, 14:43 (GMT+7)

Prepping herbs becomes so much easier with this must-have kitchen tool.

This is the must-have kitchen tool that makes prepping herbs so much easier

There is no comparison between fresh and dried herbs. Fresh herbs are essential in raw foods such as salads, sauces, pestos, and side dishes. They have superior taste and flavor compared to dry varieties. Their main drawback is a lack of preparation.

Dried herbs can be used as is, but fresh herbs must be washed, peeled, and chopped. Depending on the herb, this process can take a long time.

Essential kitchen tools to make preparing herbs easier 1
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If you prefer working with fresh herbs, use an herb remover, an underused tool that can help you prepare them faster. As the name suggests, herbicides help remove leaves from plant stems.

They have many holes of different sizes to accommodate different herbs. Simply insert the stem into the smallest hole that will fit and pull it through until all the leaves fall off. Some strippers have holes large enough to remove kale or other vegetables.

Some models may also come with a blade, allowing you to peel and chop herbs with the same tool. Others install bowls to catch leaves as they pass through the opening. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way people cook with fresh herbs.

After seeing how quickly the stripper works, they may be inspired to use the herb more often.

It might even inspire home cooks to try different herbs for the first time.

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First, wash and dry any fresh herbs you purchase immediately to remove any pests or dirt.

Wrap herbs in paper towels and place in a resealable bag. Paper towels help keep the herbs fresh, but use them within a few days to get the most out of their flavor.

Luckily, there are many ways to appreciate their unique taste. Basil is one of the most popular herbs, probably because of its sweet and slightly spicy flavor. It is widely used in Mediterranean recipes, but can be used in other dishes as well.

Not to mention it’s the most commonly used herb in pesto.

If you want to get the most out of your basil, add the leaves (not the stems) toward the end of the cooking process, whether you're making fish, chicken, or homemade pasta sauce. Rosemary is a difficult plant to work with, so it's ideal for herb removal. However, the leaves have a wonderful woody and piney flavor. This makes it ideal for dishes such as lamb chops, poultry, roast beef, and roast potatoes. It's also great with flatbreads, sweet potato fries, and even cake.

Coriander, commonly known as coriander leaf, is a controversial herb. Some people like the bright and refreshing scent, while others think it tastes like soap. However, it is a common ingredient in Asian and Latin American cuisine. Coriander is great when eaten raw or cooked, and tastes delicious but not greasy. 


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Marjoram. Image Credits: Getty

Marjoram has a milder flavor than oregano but is still potent. It pairs well with vegetables and meat, but can also be used to flavor salads, soups, sauces, fish, and other dishes. While the leaves are used in these dishes, retaining the stems adds flavor to stews or soups.


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Thyme. Image Credits: Getty

Thyme can be found in French cuisine. Its floral aroma and rich flavor complement the food without overpowering the other ingredients.

Herbal cleansers, such as rosemary, can make preparing thyme easy. It goes well with grilled chicken, sandwiches, potatoes and cocktails.


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Peppermint. Image Credits: Getty

While many people associate peppermint with drinks and cakes, there are many other ways to enjoy this herb. It goes well with salads, poultry, curries and sandwiches. It can also be used to garnish fruit salads. 


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Parsley.Image Credits: Getty

Parsley is another useful and popular herb due to its fresh and delicate flavor. While the leaves are most effective, the stems can also be used in cooking. Use it as a side dish to flavor soups or dress salads.