Woman married to rag doll reveals 'strange' pregnancy journey

Friday, 09/02/2024, 14:01 (GMT+7)

Besides the strange marriage with the rag doll, the woman revealed her pregnancy journey left many people baffled

In a strange incident, a woman married a human-sized ragdoll. Now, the couple welcomes another set of twins after giving birth to their first son last year.

The woman gave an update on her current family life and shared her pregnancy journey with the rag doll on social media.

Woman married to rag doll reveals 'strange' pregnancy journey 1
The woman attracted attention after sharing about her married life and pregnancy journey with a ragged doll. Image Credit: Instagram

The strange marriage of a Brazilian woman with a ragdoll

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 39, developed feelings for a ragdoll made by her mother after she failed to find a man for her desire.

The doll is named Marcelo and was designed by Moraes' mother in human size.

After many months of dating, the two decided to stay together for life and had a sweet wedding in 2018.

Moraes and Marcelo welcomed their first son, Marcelinho in 2020 and went on to announce the arrival of twins late last year.

Woman married to rag doll reveals 'strange' pregnancy journey 2
The couple got married in 2018 after dating for a while. Image Credit: Instagram

The couple then made headlines when they held a gender reveal ceremony with the participation of family and friends.

In a moment full of anticipation, pink smoke appeared as a milestone marking the arrival of two baby girls into their lives.

Financial difficulties when the family has many members

Meirivone said every member of her small family is involved in raising children.

The mother of three children said family life became more bustling and fun with the appearance of the twins.

Woman married to rag doll reveals 'strange' pregnancy journey 3
Moraes gave birth to twins last year. Image Credit: Instagram

Even though her husband has to face financial difficulties, Marcelo is still dedicated to helping her by taking on tasks such as bathing and playing with the children.

However, Moraes also revealed that increasing family members also make finances more difficult.

She said her husband was quite stressed when the costs of food, clothing, rent, and medicine all increased.

However, Marcelo is still happy because he has the family he has always dreamed of.

The woman revealed that Marcelo is still working hard to earn money for her by working on the Internet and they are aiming to own their own house.

Woman married to rag doll reveals 'strange' pregnancy journey 4
The large family makes her husband worried due to rising expenses. Image Credit: Instagram

Strange events make Moraes' family even more attention

Previously, Moraes caused a stir when she asked for help on social media after her son Marcelinho was kidnapped.

She frantically searched for her child by distributing flyers in surrounding areas and filming videos asking for help on TikTok.

Woman married to rag doll reveals 'strange' pregnancy journey 5
Moraes' first son was kidnapped last year but returned home safely. Image Credit: Instagram

Luckily, the boy was later found safe and was present at his sister's baby shower.

In addition, Moraes also accused her husband of having an affair twice and she punished him by asking him to sleep on the sofa for a long time.