Woman asked on Facebook after spotting a bizarre “egg” that appeared on the ceiling

Sunday, 04/02/2024, 20:01 (GMT+7)

A woman has turned to an online community for help after discovering a terrifying egg-shaped object on her ceiling.

While cleaning her house, a woman named Amy left shocked after finding a bizarre “egg” appearance in the ceiling. She was baffled as to what kind of creature this horrific egg was.

A woman sought help from the social media community after spotting a bizarre 'egg' on the ceiling

Amy went online to seek help from online communities. She posted the photo on her Facebook page to find out the identity of a strange egg creature.

Woman asked on Facebook after spotting a bizarre “egg” that appeared on the ceiling 1
Woman finds bizarre “egg” in her house, leaving everyone stunned. Image Credits: Facebook

Amy was shocked when she saw a bizarre egg - picture going viral on social media. 

Many netizens are also confused and want to find out the true identity of this strange creature.

Images shared on social media show a strange-looking "egg" said to have formed in Amy's home.

At first glance, it appears to be a strange egg stuck to the ceiling of the room. Immediately some horrific images come to mind, especially the woman who posted the photos asking for help.

One person said: I'm cool with spiders as long as their bite can’t paralyze or kill me.

A second wrote: Spray foam. Most types expand when it is set up.

A third commented: I had one it was a water bubble we had a leak

Someone else said: Billion spiders. Could take a healthy spray and a piece of strong tape

Another added: Thank the Lord that’s all it was. It looked scary… I’m so glad it was only the sprayed-in expandable insulation!

Woman asked on Facebook after spotting a bizarre “egg” that appeared on the ceiling 2
The mother named Amy found the strange item and posted a photo of it on Facebook to discover the true identity of the bizarre “egg”. Image Credits: Facebook

All netizens got chills when they saw the picture of a strange egg hanging from the ceiling. Eggs dripped from the ceiling of the room, causing a range of emotions for viewers. 

The identity of the horror egg was actively answered by the online community

The post sparked a flurry of reactions, but no one could figure out what was hanging from the ceiling. Many people thought it was a cluster of spider eggs.

Everyone hoped to find eggs inside, and they feared that the house could be infested at any time

The revelation about the strange eggs hanging from the ceiling shocked many people.

However, when the truth was revealed, everyone was speechless. Amy's father-in-law "steps in," steals his heart, and solves the mystery.

Few would have imagined that this strange egg was just a piece of expanded foam board used on the roof that had gone into the ceiling.