Woman shocked as unknown person at home, front door handle rescues her life

Monday, 05/02/2024, 23:29 (GMT+7)

A woman shares her harrowing experience, revealing an unknown person at home, and how the front door handle rescued her life

Our living spaces are meant to provide a sense of security; however, when threats loom outside, it can leave us feeling uneasy. Ensuring the safety of ourselves and our loved ones should be our top priority, especially within the confines of our homes. Therefore, constant vigilance is necessary to prevent the chilling threat of home invasions.

You can use various measures to maintain home security, including outdoor security cameras, and guard dogs patrol. However, criminals are constantly evolving, devising new tactics to outsmart existing preventive methods.

A cautionary tale from 2016 gained attention, but now it has gone viral again after one user shared it on Reddit.

A woman had a harrowing experience after an unknown person came to her house

Woman shocked as unknown person at home, front door handle rescues her life 1
A woman from Texas became terrified when she discovered criminals attempting to break into her home. Image Credits: Facebook

The post reveals the harrowing experience of a Texas woman named Kim Cernigliaro, who had an unknown person come to her front door and begin violently pounding on it.

In the post, she reveal that she became alarmed when she discovered criminals exploiting the moment homeowners unlatch their doors, bypassing the need for a knob and gaining swift entry. 

Kim took action by contacting local authorities and raising awareness among her neighbors after recognizing the urgency of this issue. 

Kim's wise decision to not answer the door and discovery of a rubber band on the doorknob

Woman shocked as unknown person at home, front door handle rescues her life 2
Kim shared a post on Facebook to explain what had happened, as well as to issue a warning to everyone. Image Credits: Facebook

Alone at home, she faced an unnerving encounter when someone persistently knocked at her door. Kim wisely refrained from answering, and immediately seeing the side window to assess the situation.

She was shocked after spotting a man through the stained glass of her door. She maintained composure, waiting for approximately 30 minutes until she was confident the man had departed. 

After the unnerving encounter, Kim discovered a rubber band neatly wrapped around her door handle, indicating a sinister attempt to force entry by unlatching it.

As she recounted the incident with a strange man, she was met with astonishment when the police revealed the sinister intent behind the rubber band – a potential means for forced entry.

Woman shocked as unknown person at home, front door handle rescues her life 3
Kim narrowly escaped becoming a victim of a technique used by criminals to break into people's homes. Image Credits: Getty

She was told that if anyone saw a rubber band, they should immediately contact police. The rubber band is used to prop the latch open, so as soon as you turn the lock, criminals can push the door open, gaining instant access into your home without waiting for you to peek to see who the person is.

Kim hopes that sharing her story can warn others and help prevent others from being victimized.

If you hear someone banging at your door and you’re not expecting company, always be sure to have your firearm handy and accessible so if things do go south, you’ll be able to adequately defend yourself and your home.

This rubber band trick is no doubt putting countless lives in danger across the nation. Be sure to pass the story on to your friends and family. It is possible that this warning could save someone’s life.

Woman shocked as unknown person at home, front door handle rescues her life 4
She contacted the local police chief about this alarming incident. Image Credits: Getty

This incident serves as a chilling reminder to exercise caution, especially when faced with unexpected visitors. The shared warning aims to raise awareness about this unsettling technique, urging people to prioritize their safety and remain vigilant against evolving criminal tactics.

The post quickly went viral and gained thousands of comments from viewers.


Below the post, numerous people revealed their own experiences and rushed to share their thoughts about being attacked by a thief in their homes.

One person said: It took 4 minutes to say "the rubber band holds the lock open"

 A second wrote: I would just cut or burn off the rubber band but, yeah I would contact the police.

 A third commented: I never answer the door when I'm home. Friends and neighbors know to call first. Or if they knock they announce themselves. Same for family. 

Kim's experience serves as a stark reminder that our homes are not impervious to threats. Each of us must remain vigilant and take proactive measures to enhance our home security. 

Kim also advises us to invest in robust security measures, such as reinforced doors, alarm systems, and motion-sensor lighting, which can act as deterrents to protect our sanctuaries from intrusion