People are only now realizing what Twix stands for?

Saturday, 02/09/2023, 13:24 (GMT+7)

After 55 years, chocolate fans are only just discovering what 'Twix' stands for.

The revelation of the meaning behind the name of Twix, one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world, has left chocolate fans in a state of disbelief.

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Twix, consisting of two biscuits coated with toffee and enveloped in milk chocolate, has been delighting consumers since it made its debut on British supermarket shelves in 1967.  It has also gained a strong favor across the pond in the United States.

While millions have enjoyed indulging in this sweet treat for decades, a significant number of people have never paid much attention to its name. 

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However, a Twitter debate from 2018, in which the confectioner confirmed the significance of the name, has recently resurfaced, leaving many people shocked.

As reported by the Mirror, The revelation came when one Twitter user said they had read somewhere that the true meaning of Twix was 'twin biscuit sticks'.

Subsequently, the social media user tweeted the confectioner to confirm whether it was true. The official Twix account also responded, stating that the true meaning of 'Twix' was 'twin biscuit sticks.'

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The account went on to clarify that Twix is actually a shortened form of 'twin sticks'.

In response to this explanation, people expressed their astonishment upon discovering the true meaning of Twix.

One person said: If Twix really means "twin sticks", then it's not an acronym, but more akin to a portmanteau. Even that is not completely correct, as a portmanteau combines parts of two words together, but the "x" is not a part of either word. Well, it is as close as it's going to get!

A second said: And there’s us all thinking it came from the Middle English ‘Twix’, short for ‘betwixt’ or ‘betwixt’, because the caramel is betwixt the chocolate and biscuit 

A third wrote: I think it stands for a rarely used phrase used today 'Twix-And-Between' caramel next to fudge (Possibly) 

Another commented: It’s short for “Twin Sticks” but was thought it was short for “betwixt” like there is caramel betwixt a cookie and chocolate   I think too hard

Not only is there more to discover about this beloved confectionery but there is also a concealed message within the Twix logo that may have gone unnoticed.

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If you observe closely, the dot positioned above the 'I' in the Twix logo resembles a pause button, featuring two parallel vertical lines.

Enthusiastic consumers have additionally suggested that these lines serve as a clever nod to the product's distinctive packaging, which contains two finger-shaped bars.



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