Snoop Dogg announced he is giving up smoking weed

Saturday, 18/11/2023, 16:07 (GMT+7)

Snoop Dogg has spoken out following his announcement that he is quitting smoking.

Despite the fact that he believes there is only one person on the planet who can out-smoke him and that the rapper has hired a full-time blunt roller, Snoop Dogg, whose actual name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., has announced that he is quitting smoking weed.

Renegade Piranha referred to Snoop as his 'personal blunt roller', revealing he smoked 75–150 joints daily in 2022.

Snoop Dogg announced he is giving up smoking weed 1
Image Credit: Henning Kaiser/AP

Fans of the singer are understandably astonished, as they assumed the 52-year-old rapper would continue to smoke weed indefinitely.

Snoop took to social media to correct a 2013 statement, claiming he smoked 81 blunts in a day and sharing a recording of nine roaches. While the number may seem large to non-smokers, Snoop has significantly reduced his smoking habits since then.

On November 16, he announced his cessation of smoking by posting a black-and-white portrait of himself on Instagram.

Snoop Dogg announced he is giving up smoking weed 2
Image Credit: Instagram/@snoopdogg

The statement reads: "After much consideration and conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoking. Please respect my privacy at this time."

His post quickly garnered many comments from fans and friends, with their congratulations and encouragement.

"Smoking a blunt with you way back in the day is one of my favorite memories," commented one Instagram user. "I'm overjoyed for you, Snoop!"

Snoop Dogg announced he is giving up smoking weed 3
Image Credit: Instagram/@snoopdogg

"But your extraordinary talent isn’t hindered or expanded by the absence or presence of this cultural habit. Good luck!" another replied.

"You are more powerful than smoke." You've always been that way. Onward! Best wishes," someone commented.

Snoop uploaded a snapshot of himself looking at the camera in a subsequent post.

Snoop Dogg announced he is giving up smoking weed 4
Image Credit: Instagram/@snoopdogg

The caption says, "Respect my privacy."

The musician has disabled comments on his post, but fans have nonetheless flocked to the post in support, with the image receiving over one million likes.