Wendy's manager creates 'ghost employee', steals $20,000 over 128 shifts

Monday, 18/03/2024, 14:04 (GMT+7)

A manager at a Wendy's restaurant in Pennsylvania created a 'ghost employee' to steal tens of thousands of dollars from the company without anyone knowing.

A former manager at Wendy's restaurant has been accused of an elaborate scheme to embezzle money from the establishment. 

Linda Johnson, the manager in question, allegedly created a fake employee whom she would clock in and out for shifts, ultimately stealing a staggering $20,000 in wages.

Wendy's manager creates 'ghost employee', steals $20,000 over 128 shifts 1
Former Wendy's manager Linda Johnson accused of embezzling $20,000 by creating fake employee. Image Credit: Getty

Wendy's manager created 'ghost employee' she clocked in and out for 128 shifts to steal $20,000 from restaurant

According to reports from the Manheim Township Police Department, Linda Johnson, who worked at a Wendy's branch in Pennsylvania, invented a "ghost employee" named William Bright.

Over the course of nearly a year, Johnson managed to successfully carry out her fraudulent activities, clocking in and out for 128 shifts on behalf of this non-existent employee. 

By doing so, she manipulated the system to ensure that the wages intended for William Bright were instead deposited into her own Cashapp account.

Wendy's manager creates 'ghost employee', steals $20,000 over 128 shifts 2
Wendy's manager Linda Johnson created non-existent employee, clocked in for 128 shifts, and stole wages. Image Credit: Getty

The scheme finally came to light when employees at the restaurant became suspicious. 

They claimed to have no recollection of working with anyone by the name of William Bright. 

After facing intense scrutiny, Johnson eventually came clean and admitted to her deceptive acts. 

She confessed that she had concocted the existence of a 'ghost' employee with the purpose of exploiting the system and illicitly obtaining extra wages.

Wendy's manager creates 'ghost employee', steals $20,000 over 128 shifts 3
Under scrutiny, Johnson admitted to creating a 'ghost' employee for fraudulent extra wages. Image Credit: Getty

Johnson faced the consequences as a criminal case was launched against her. However, she managed to evade authorities and went missing. 

Law enforcement agencies launched an appeal to the public for any information regarding her whereabouts.

The audacity of Johnson's plan has sparked widespread discussion on social media platforms. 

While some individuals commended her for her cunning tactics, others expressed shock and disapproval. 

It has been speculated whether Johnson had accomplices within the restaurant who may have shared in the ill-gotten gains. 

Don't hate the playa, hate the game, one user said.

Imagine ruining your life for $20k, the second commented.

Funny thing is the ghost employee was their best worker, someone joked.

Lots managers do it a different way. They clock in as an associate which pays better than being a manager. I knew a few that did this, another shared.

Wendy's manager creates 'ghost employee', steals $20,000 over 128 shifts 4
People were surprised at Johnson's wise plan. Image Credit: Getty

However, no specific evidence has emerged to support this theory.

In addition to the legal consequences Johnson may face, the incident has also had financial repercussions for Wendy's. 

It has been reported that the restaurant's insurer had to pay out a substantial sum of $16,000 as a result of the embezzlement.

Another case of arresting that leave people surprised.

In a separate incident that occurred recently, a McDonald's worker was apprehended while on duty for violating their probation, leaving astonished customers as witnesses to the event. 

Despite allegedly ignoring requests to attend parole hearings, the police reached out to the restaurant, urging the employee to return home. 

Wendy's manager creates 'ghost employee', steals $20,000 over 128 shifts 5
McDonald's worker arrested on the job for probation violation, surprising customers present. Image Credit: Getty

However, the manager instructed them to continue working. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officers arrived at the establishment and promptly arrested the individual. 

It is believed that the employee had been evading the authorities for a period of five years before their arrest. 

The arrest was reportedly due to the individual's failure to pass three drug tests, and they had intended to surrender themselves at their upcoming probation meeting.