What does it mean when you spot some trees painted white?

Monday, 19/02/2024, 15:18 (GMT+7)

The truth behind why some trees are painted leaves several users surprised.

Have you ever spotted trees painted white when you went out?

Some suggest that people paint them because of the season, while others argue that there's a deeper meaning behind why some trees are painted white.

What does it mean when you spot some trees painted white? 1
The purpose of painting the tree white is to prevent the bark from cracking. Image Credits: Getty

Well, some trees are indeed painted white, but it's not because of the seasons, as many believe.

And now, you might be surprised to learn the truth behind why some trees are painted white.

Painting tree trunks white helps to protect the bark.

Should the bark split, it becomes susceptible to insects, fungus, and other diseases, especially when temperatures drop. This poses a threat to the bark of trees.

What does it mean when you spot some trees painted white? 2
White-painted tree trunks increase visibility and help prevent accidents. Image Credits: Getty

In particular, fruit-bearing trees are left vulnerable to damage during sudden thaws and freezes. In severe cases, such damage can prove fatal. Applying a heavy coat of latex paint or a specially formulated solution can protect against harsh winter conditions.

Painting tree trunks white also helps to prevent accidents.

People paint tree trunks to make them more visible, especially when they are situated near roads, potentially preventing accidents as drivers are alerted to their presence.

Increase aesthetics

What does it mean when you spot some trees painted white? 3
Additionally, white paint helps to enhance the aesthetics. Image Credits: Getty

Uniform white stumps create an attractive visual effect in the landscape, enhancing the beauty of orchards and parks. Whitewashed trees are also easier to see and are useful for controlling curb direction and driving at night.

Effective ways to paint a tree stump

Before painting the tree base, you should check the tree trunk. If there is a lot of moss and fungus attached to the tree trunk, you can remove some of it before painting, so that the adhesion of the lime will be high, which is usually what people do. Gardeners use high-pressure water jets to remove them.

There are two main ways to paint a tree stump:

What does it mean when you spot some trees painted white? 4
People are surprised to discover the purpose of painting. Image Credits: Getty

- Use a regular broom: sweep evenly from the ground to the trunk. If you apply lime to a tree while it is bearing fruit, be careful so that the lime does not rub onto the fruit and cause the trunk to fall off. Do not proceed until 1.5 hours have passed and then proceed again.

- Spray lime on the stump: For large gardens, painting will take a lot of time, so you can use a spray bottle to spray lime on the stump. After the lime is mixed, it needs to be filtered using a curtain cloth. After 2-3 times, put it into a spray bottle and spray from top to bottom.

If you have time and conditions, you should spray twice to achieve better results (1-2 days apart).

The ratio is 1:5 and the ratio is 1%. Thicker ratios tend to be difficult to filter and tend to clog nozzles.