Why Gen Z leaves phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’?

Sunday, 03/03/2024, 15:15 (GMT+7)

Nowadays, setting phone 'do not disturb' occurs across many ages and mainly appears in Gen Z.

Gen Z, the generation born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, has a unique habit of keeping their phones on 'Do Not Disturb' (DND) mode. 

This behavior has intrigued many and led to discussions about the true motivations behind it.

Why Gen Z leaves phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’? 1
Gen Z is curious as they mainly leave the phone in 'Do Not Disturb' mode.' Image Credit: Getty

Anxiety plays a major role in causing Gen Z to always leave their phones in DN mode

According to reports, one of the main explanations for this phenomenon is anxiety. 

Generation Z is known for speaking their minds, but when it comes to phone calls, they often prefer to ignore them. 

Why Gen Z leaves phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’? 2
Gen Z often puts their phones in 'Do Not Disturb.' Image Credit: Getty

Max Burns, a New York political strategist, suggests that Gen Zers use the DND feature to avoid the anxiety that comes with answering unexpected calls. 

By silencing their phone notifications, they can focus on work, studying, or simply rest without being constantly interrupted.

The DND 'phenomenon' mainly appears in Gen Z

A study conducted by CommBank and telco provider More in 2023 revealed that 90% of Gen Zers experience anxiety when speaking on the phone. 

This anxiety could be attributed to the widespread usage of cell phones on DND. Burns formulated his theory after discussing the feature with his Gen Z colleagues, who expressed their anxiety about receiving unexpected calls.

Why Gen Z leaves phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’? 3
Gen Z revealed that they often turn on DND mode due to the stress of connecting with others. Image Credit: Getty

While some argue that this behavior is unique to Gen Z, others believe that it is a response to the general anxiety of being constantly connected. 

People of all age groups struggle with the overwhelming notifications and the pressure to be available at all times.

Millennials, Gen X, and even older generations use the DND feature to avoid unwanted calls, such as robocalls or spam.

However, relying on DND mode 24/7 can have its drawbacks. 

It may hinder communication with friends, family, or potential romantic partners. 

Why Gen Z leaves phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’? 4
DND mode can cause many disadvantages for people. Image Credit: Getty

The report highlights that Gen Z's aversion to phone calls has led to a dating trend where people prefer confessing their intentions and emotions through text messages rather than over the phone.

The DND feature also helps individuals focus during work or get a good night's sleep without being disturbed by constant notifications.