Woman reveals that her boyfriend gets her pregnant every year, so she doesn't have to have a period

Monday, 21/08/2023, 16:58 (GMT+7)

A woman has shared that her partner gets her pregnant every year to prevent her from having a menstrual period.

Chantel Schnider, a mother of two, revealed that despite suggestions to use birth control, she chooses not to. In response to trolls, she clarified her stance online.

In her online post, we saw influencer Chantel and her partner alongside their two children.

Woman reveals that her boyfriend gets her pregnant every year, so she doesn't have to have a period 1
Image Credit: TikTok/thealexanderfamilyy

On social media, they are known as 'The Alexander Family.' The family of four danced around their kitchen, and Chantel revealed the reason behind her frequent pregnancies, stating, "He gets you pregnant every year so you don't have to deal with a period."

The video was accompanied by an audio track singing, "Thank you to my man. And my man, thank you to my man."

During the six-second clip, Chantel and her partner shared sweets, and the expectant mother rubbed her baby bump.

Woman reveals that her boyfriend gets her pregnant every year, so she doesn't have to have a period 2
Image Credit: TikTok/thealexanderfamilyy

Chantel later clarified that even though she's currently expecting her third child, this won't be their last. As she noted: 'We want 10 or 8 [kids].'

She also confirmed that her pregnancies have been challenging, but she prefers being pregnant over having a period. She explained: 'My pregnancies are absolutely miserable, but somehow I'd still rather be pregnant than have a period.'


The TikTok video, posted by the user @thealexanderfamilyy, has certainly left many people astonished. The video quickly went viral on social media and amassed a staggering 4.4 million views.

One person said: Ok, I use Mirena as birth control with no problems, and lasts for 5 years and it prevents me from having periods. I just wouldn't want to have a ton of children that's more than I could handle and give each kid the individual attention/support they need. But if they can feed all of them, have the room and space for that many kids whatever if they can afford it (oh God imagine their grocery bill especially as the kids grow!) Then whatever more power to them, just please tell me they aren't living off government assistance. Definitely not my cup of tea or the way I'd prevent a period, there are other ways out there that can stop your period. I hope their marriage is strong and he never leaves her cause she'd be a single mom way over her head.

A second wrote: She is just looking for attention. I could see him leaving her and then her having us foot the bill to take care of all her children. Honestly, people like this are sad. I feel bad for the kids. 

A third commented: Well you have to deal with pregnancy, birth, after birth. another child. It's up to you though 

Someone else wrote: Some contraception has the benefit of stopping periods. it's a lot cheaper and you won't be punished for it for the next 18 -21 years. This is the definition of insanity 

Another commented: Look, I've never had a child so I can't be certain, but I just feel like on the grand scale giving birth is worse than getting your period. Hey though, if I'm wrong then I'm wrong! Thích