Woman won't stay in hostels with 'older women' because 'They snore and are so rude'

Friday, 11/08/2023, 14:42 (GMT+7)

An Australian woman traveling across Europe has shared her experiences in hostels, revealing that her encounters with older female travelers have led her to develop a negative bias towards those who 'snore' and show 'no respect' for other people.

Woman won't stay in hostels with 'older women' because 'They snore and are so rude' 1
Image Credit: Instagram/@lucy_holz

In the TikTok video, Lucy Holz expresses her frustration with the behavior of 'older women' in shared sleeping spaces. She even refers to them as the 'worst'.

The young traveler chooses female-only hostels for safety reasons and reasonably so, as women are less likely than men to snore at night.

However, she was upset when her encounters with older female travelers led her to have disrupted sleep due to loud snoring and noises, and even because they showed 'no respect' for other people.

Woman won't stay in hostels with 'older women' because 'They snore and are so rude' 2
Image Credit: Instagram/@lucy_holz

Lucy explained in the video that she struggles to fall asleep easily and finds that earplugs are ineffective in mitigating the impact of snoring on her sleep.

She explained in her video: 'While women may not snore as much in general, I'll tell you who does snore, old women."

'It's got to the point where I see an older woman walking into my dorm room and I'm like, 'Oh my god, why are you here?''

'I really hate to have to say this, but I do. Staying in hostels is making me ageist,' She continued. 

Woman won't stay in hostels with 'older women' because 'They snore and are so rude' 3
Image Credit: Instagram/@lucy_holz

Lucy complained that older women not only snore but also exhibit a notable lack of consideration for fellow dorm occupants, which she found to be disrespectful.

On her last night at a 'horrific hostel', Lucy recounted an incident where a middle-aged woman showered and blow-dried her hair at midnight, causing a disturbance that woke up everyone. Additionally, according to Lucy, the woman made noise while getting into the middle bunk of the three-bed setup.

She said:  'And of course, as I suspected, she f***ing snores. I was just not built for the hostel life. It's tarnishing my view of middle-aged women. 

'I will not be the same person when I return from this holiday.'

In less than a day, the video garnered over 176,000 views, with numerous people agreed older women tend to be inconsiderate in hostels. 

One person commented: There is one thing I will say about the young, that is those after Boomer, X and early Y generation. They act like old people before their time. We never had a problem with people coming in late and making noise or talking or other stuff (nudge nudge) because we'd all been on the booze or other things. And quite frankly would have slept through anything. The only hated ones were those that thought getting up at the crack of dawn was the done thing.

Second, wrote: I was once kept awake in a hostel by an older woman snoring so loudly, she resembled a herd of snorting pigs. She came into the room late, woke us all up by putting on the light and loudly rearranging her luggage, and then climbed onto her bed as noisily as possible. There was no way of sleeping through that constant noise, and I even had earplugs in my ears. I ended up taking the mattress off the bed and sleeping in the toilet block. There were a lot of bleary-eyed hostellers in that room when I returned the next morning. The snorer of course slept through it all, she was still sleeping at approaching 10.00 am when we all had to be out of the hostel. It was quite a few years ago now but the memory of that noise still haunts me.

Someone else added: If the older women were acting as described, then they are rude and inconsiderate. I suspect many of them are used to hotel rooms where they could do as they want, not shared hostel rooms. Perhaps recently divorced etc, so their budget isn't as high. However, as life goes, I suspect there are just as many rude and inconsiderate younger people and nicer older people. The snoring sounds getting into bed that happens as you get older, and nothing to do with being rude. If you see an older woman, give her the easiest bunk to get into and use earplugs. They often have back and knee pain, as most likely you will as you get older.