World's first pregnant man gave birth to his three children

Wednesday, 27/12/2023, 15:11 (GMT+7)

Thomas Beatie made headlines in 2008 when he became famous as the world's first pregnant man.

Who is Thomas Beatie?

Thomas Beatie, born on January 20, 1974, in Honolulu, Hawaii, is known for his unique personal journey regarding gender identity and parenthood. 

Assigned female at birth, Beatie identified as male from a young age but faced challenges due to his conservative upbringing and community.

World's first pregnant man gave birth to his three children 1
Thomas was assigned the gender of a girl from birth but lived as a man since childhood. Image Credit: Getty

He eventually underwent female-to-male gender reassignment surgery and legally changed his gender marker to male. 

However, he chose to retain his female reproductive organs and later made headlines for his pregnancies.

Thomas Beatie became famous as the world's first pregnant man

Beatie gained significant media attention when he became the first legally recognized transgender man to give birth. 

His first pregnancy occurred in 2008, followed by two more pregnancies in subsequent years. 

World's first pregnant man gave birth to his three children 2
Thomas caused intense controversy when he became pregnant with her first child in 2008. Image Credit: Getty

These pregnancies were made possible through artificial insemination using donor sperm.

He and his first wife, Nancy, had been trying to conceive for several years through artificial insemination, but due to Nancy's hysterectomy, they were unable to have children.

Thomas Beatie's marriage: Experience two marriages

After Thomas Beatie's first child, Susan, was born in 2008, he continued to expand his family

He gave birth to two more children with his then-wife, Nancy Beatie. However, their relationship faced challenges, and the couple separated in 2012.

World's first pregnant man gave birth to his three children 3
Thomas and his ex-wife broke up in 2012. Image Credit: Getty

In 2016, Beatie entered into a second marriage with Amber Beatie (formerly known as Amber Nicholas).

Interestingly, Amber had previously worked at the daycare center where Thomas Beatie's children attended. The couple welcomed a baby together in 2018, with Amber being the one who gave birth to the child.

Did Thomas Beatie face any challenges during his pregnancy?

As the world's first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie faced numerous challenges during his pregnancy. 

He received hate mail and death threats, and his family was subjected to intense media scrutiny. 

World's first pregnant man gave birth to his three children 4
He received countless criticisms and threats when he publicly announced his pregnancy with his first child. Image Credit: Getty

Beatie also struggled with finding healthcare providers who were willing to treat him due to his transgender identity.

Despite these challenges, Beatie remained determined to carry his child to term. 

"Everything was a whirlwind, but I still don't regret it," he said.

What were people's reactions to Thomas Beatie's pregnancy?

Thomas Beatie's pregnancy sparked a heated debate about the definition of parenthood and the role of gender in parenting. 

Many people were shocked and confused by the idea of a man carrying a child, while others saw it as a beautiful example of love and determination.

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Thomas Beatie's pregnancy sparked debate on gender and parenting. Critics condemned it, while LGBTQ+ activists saw it as progress. Image Credit: Facebook

Some religious groups and conservative individuals condemned Beatie's pregnancy, claiming it went against the natural order of things.

However, many LGBTQ+ activists and supporters hailed Beatie as a pioneer and champion for transgender rights.