American women sparks debate after claiming all British food is ‘terrible’

Tuesday, 14/11/2023, 17:48 (GMT+7)

After asserting that British cuisine and the most well-known chain restaurants in the UK are "all terrible," an American woman has ignited a contentious discussion about them.

Charlie, a New Jersey resident who was raised in the South, became famous on TikTok after complaining that her meals when traveling overseas were not up to par. 

The 24-year-old mother said that she was taken to a chain restaurant called Toby Carvery and a Wetherspoons pub by locals who were showing her around.

"It's been really popular to s**t on British food in the last like year. But I'm here to tell you you're not wrong, OK?" she began her video.

American women sparks debate after claiming all British food is ‘terrible’ 1
Image Credit: Tiktok/@lunchpailgin

"I went to the UK. I had a variety of food while I was there. I was shown around by natives. So for all you Brits out there, I did go to Wetherspoons. I did go to Toby's. I did have a "proper Chinese," she emphasized in a British accent. "All terrible."

Charlie compared Wetherspoons to British Chili's or Applebee's, stating it was "nothing special" for American viewers.

"I did go to a Toby's. If you've ever been to a Golden Corral, that's the best I can explain it," she continued.

American women sparks debate after claiming all British food is ‘terrible’ 2
Image Credit: Tiktok/@Lunchpailgin

Charlie argued that the US has carveries that are superior to what British people claim and that Brazilian steakhouses in the US are the best, unlike Toby's, which could never touch them.

The content creator described Nando's as a "mild version of Chipotle" in the UK, which she found consistent and enjoyable.         

"It's really nothing great. But I will tell you that was the only thing I could eat consistently in the UK," Charlie admitted.

American women sparks debate after claiming all British food is ‘terrible’ 3
Image Credit: Wale News Service

American woman also shared that she had Chinese food in Bath, England, which she described as "suicide."

She emphasized: "Everything else was a f*****g gamble. Y'all do not use seasonings."Both experiences highlight the importance of consistency in food choices.

"It's not good. Not even the worst Chinese I've had in America could compare to the awfulness. It's really as bad as you think," she continued.

"I never tried Indian food while I was there. So I won't completely knock the UK because as far as I know the Indian food in the UK is hitting," she noted.

Charlie's video, posted on November 1, has garnered over 7,600 comments and has been viewed one million times. Critics, including some Americans, have quickly agreed with her and criticized British food. 

American women sparks debate after claiming all British food is ‘terrible’ 4
Image Credit: TikTok/@lunchpailgin

"My mom has traveled to like 50 countries for work and she said the food in England was the worst she has ever had anywhere in the world." someone shared.

"I agree. I grew up in Scotland and the food just isn't seasoned like it is in the south. It's good for them. But it's not what we are used to." another said.

On the other hand, many British were furious about Charlie's thoughts and claimed that she did not have enough basis to evaluate their cuisine when visiting only two average-level chain restaurants.

"If someone's been telling you to go to tobys and spoons for real British food, then they were pranking you and you've gone hook, line, and sinker," one person wrote.

"If they took you to Wetherspoons and Toby's, they were not your real friends. You should go to some other restaurants to have the insight about British food," the second commented.

"I'm an American living in the UK and Wetherspoons is just for getting drunk on pitchers and mid-onion rings," one expat explained.