Couple living on cruise ship after realizing it cheaper than paying mortgage

Friday, 27/10/2023, 14:10 (GMT+7)

The couple decided to adopt the cruise ship lifestyle because it is cheaper than paying a mortgage

Angelyn and Richard Burk have revealed that their decision to live on a cruise ship is cheaper than paying the mortgage. The couple said that it makes "financial sense" to them as it is "cheaper" than the expense of a traditional mortgage.

Couple living on cruise ship after realizing it cheaper than paying mortgage 1
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The pair come from Seattle, underscoring their intention to remain aboard the ship rather than return to land-based living anytime soon.

In May 2021, Angelyn Burk and Richard Burk embarked on a journey during which they packed one suitcase each and left their jobs behind.

Angelyn, formerly an accountant, shared with Australia's 7News that the couple loves to travel and they wanted to find 'a way to continuously travel in our retirement that made financial sense.

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Upon analyzing the numbers, they arrived at the realization that they could sustain their travel aspirations for their lifetimes, spending as little as £35.48 ($43.92 USD) a day.

Thanks to a combination of savings and the sale of their home, they have traveled on various cruise ships around the world, including a 51-day expedition from Seattle to Sydney.

Their trip has taken them as far as Italy, Canada, and the Bahamas, with Angelyn singling out Singapore as her favorite among their destinations. Now, the pair is able to fund their dream lifestyle.

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Angelyn said that their original plan was for them to stay in different countries before ultimately retiring aboard a cruise ship.

However, upon assessment, they recognized that living on the ship would make more 'financial sense' and be cheaper than paying a mortgage

The pair doesn't plan to permanently live on land in the future, even after they have strategically orchestrated their journeys.

Angelyn says: “I believe this is achievable for the everyday cruiser, but it does take effort.

“It is leisurely travel without the complications of booking hotels, restaurants and transportation while staying within our budget.”

As per Zillow, the mean cost of a home in Seattle stands at around £741,657.26 ($913,416 USD).

The couple's narrative has gained widespread attention on the internet, garnering responses from numerous people who express that they would readily adopt a similar approach to cut back on costs.

One person said: House is not all about money and calculations! It is a lot more like safety, security, investment, comfort, etc!  

A second wrote: It's a big risk with some ships sinking now and then. If this ship sinks you lose your house pretty much. Stay on land I suggest. Maybe get a rental home instead of a mortgage   

A third commented: What a wonderful life they clever...everything is on board.

Another said: It is found a ship that offers a all-inclusive package and bam food room and board and a permanent boat life