"Jellyfish UFO" was spotted flying over military base, leaving experts baffled

Friday, 19/01/2024, 08:58 (GMT+7)

A video captured a mysterious creature, believed to be a jellyfish-like UFO, that flew over a military base, leaving many stunned.

Do you believe in the existence of aliens or mysterious objects like UFOs? Let's follow the incident below!

A jellyfish-like UFO was discovered flying over a military area, leaving everyone stunned.

US forces captured a 'jellyfish UFO' flying over a military base in Iraq

Recently, a mysterious video captured a strange object flying over a military zone and then disappearing, making many people jump out of their skin.

'Jellyfish UFO' was spotted flying over military base, leaving experts baffled 1
A strange object that is believed a UFO appeared at the military base. Image Credit: X/@MikeColangelo

In reality, the footage was recorded in 2018 but was only recently released in a documentary called TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution.

Revealing the Jellyfish UFO video

To the surprise of many people, filmmaker and UFO researcher Jeremy Corbell revealed the footage and posed questions about what unidentified objects (UFOs) or unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) really are.

"Today we release the RAW footage of a military filmed UAP incursion within a United States joint operations base. This UAP of unknown origin displayed transmedium capability - and has been officially designated by the United States intelligence agencies as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This designation is currently maintained," Corbell said.

In the video, the scene shows an Air Force base in Iraq covered in white snow.

However, the appearance of an object broke the gloomy atmosphere: A mysterious flying object that looked exactly like a jellyfish.

'Jellyfish UFO' was spotted flying over military base, leaving experts baffled 2
The mysterious object has a shape that looks like a jellyfish. Image Credit: X/@MikeColangelo

The video captured a 'jellyfish UFO' has been authenticated

Nick Pope, Former Ministry of Defence UFO investigations desk leader insisted that this video has been authenticated and it was true, making people further believe in the existence of aliens and UFOs.

Pope claimed that the footage is difficult to classify even though it has been confirmed that it is an unidentified object.

He posed several other possible theories such as "It could have been a mass of balloons or it could have been dirt on the lens."

"However, if the allegation that there’s footage of this object entering a body of water, reemerging, and shooting off at high speed with a change of direction is true, then this would rule out such prosaic explanations.

"We’ll have to wait and see if this further footage emerges if it’s verifiably part of the same incident and if the Pentagon confirms the authenticity of the footage," Pope adds.

'Jellyfish UFO' was spotted flying over military base, leaving experts baffled 3
Although the video has been confirmed, it is still difficult to classify what this object was. Image Credit: X/@MikeColangelo

In addition, he also pointed out that the place where the "jellyfish UFO" flew over was not simply a US air base, but a multinational air base.

Pope questioned whether British military surveillance systems had captured any images of this mysterious object.

Department of Defense spokesperson Sue Gough issues a statement

"We do not comment on the authenticity of alleged DOD material that may have been leaked. DOD takes public interest in unidentified anomalous phenomena seriously and is committed to openness and accountability to the American people.

"This commitment must be balanced with the department’s obligation to protect sensitive information, sources, and methods. To that end, AARO will provide updates to the public via its website as it resolves UAP cases, including sharing the analytic approach and method used for each case, as well as imagery, when approved for public release.

"The Department of Defense takes the potential unauthorized disclosure of national security information very seriously. DOD organizations, including AARO, regularly emphasize to their workforces the importance of protecting national security information following information security laws, regulations, and processes."

Latest report on alien discovery

This is not the first time a strange creature has been captured on camera. 

Latest, a hiker was stunned after spotting 10-foot-tall beings on a hilltop in Brazil, causing a stir on social media, even the Brazilian government also investigated this alien observation.

'Jellyfish UFO' was spotted flying over military base, leaving experts baffled 4
A 10-foot-tall being was spotted on a hilltop in Brazil. Image Credit: TikTok/@gerha38

In the video, the 10-foot-tall being was standing on a hilltop in Ilha do Mel, Brazil. They have a weird shape and larger size than normal people. 

In addition, at the end of the video, the speed at which this being descended the mountain also made many people confirm that this was not human.

'Jellyfish UFO' was spotted flying over military base, leaving experts baffled 5
10-foot-tall beings have weird shapes and larger sizes than humans. Image Credit: X/@MikeColangelo