Lucky Powerball ticketholder in Michigan wins the jackpot worth $842.4million

Tuesday, 02/01/2024, 17:20 (GMT+7)

A lucky Powerball ticketholder in Michigan won the estimated $842 million jackpot.

A lucky Michigan ticket holder claimed the $842 million Powerball jackpot.

A staggering Powerball jackpot worth $842.4 million has been claimed by a sole ticket holder in Michigan. 

The lucky winner secured the tenth-largest prize in lottery history during a historic drawing on Monday night. The tenth-largest prize in the lottery marked a significant milestone since the game of Powerball in 1992.

Lucky Powerball ticketholder in Michigan wins the jackpot worth $842.4million 1
One winning ticket in Michigan has taken home a $842.4 million Powerball prize. Image Credits: AP

The winning combination included the numbers 12, 21, 42, 44, 49, and the red Powerball: 1.

The identity of the lucky player, who has not been revealed, bought the winning ticket at a Food Castle grocery store in Grand Blanc, Michigan. According to reports, the store is located 60 miles north of Detroit.

With final ticket sales surpassing the initial estimate of $810 million, the jackpot soared to $842.4 million at the time of the drawing. This remarkable sum ranks as the fifth-largest Powerball jackpot and the 10th-largest lottery jackpot ever won in the United States.

Lucky Powerball ticketholder in Michigan wins the jackpot worth $842.4million 2
In the most recent lottery drawing, a fortunate Powerball player took home the grand prize worth $842.4 million. Image Credits: AP

According to the report, the lucky ticket holder has two choices, including an annuitized prize of $842.4 million, payable over 30 years,  or a lump sum payment of $425.2 million. It's worth noting that both prize amounts are pre-tax.

Additional notable winning tickets include four sold in California, Connecticut, Florida, and Maryland. These tickets matched all five white balls, securing $1 million in prizes each. 

Previously, the lucky man won a $50 million jackpot at Thanksgiving in Montreal.

Before, the man known as Pierre Richer decided to purchase a lottery ticket at Thanksgiving. He won a $50 million jackpot prize in Montreal.

Lucky Powerball ticketholder in Michigan wins the jackpot worth $842.4million 3
Man becomes a billionaire with $50 million in jackpot woke up at 4:30 am to go back to work only days later

He immediately became a billionaire, but surprisingly, he had no plans to retire and intended to return to work on Monday after winning the jackpot

He won the prize by playing Lotto Max on October 6th, according to Loto-Quebec

Richer, a shipping industry employee, went back to work as soon as he could, at 4:30 a.m. He is in his 60s, but he has devoted the majority of his life to his work.