Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend

Thursday, 28/03/2024, 15:57 (GMT+7)

Amid a dispute with his girlfriend, a man narrowly escapes the Baltimore Bridge disaster.

A Baltimore man narrowly avoided disaster thanks to a disagreement with his girlfriend.

Early Tuesday morning, a cargo ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing its collapse around 1:30 am.

Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend 1
Man narrowly escapes Baltimore bridge disaster due to argument with girlfriend. Image Credits: REUTERS

This resulted in multiple vehicles and people plunging into the Patapsco River below. The incident is being investigated as a "mass casualty event" with at least six confirmed deaths.

Rescue teams find 2 bodies in Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

Two of the six victims who died in the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse have been found by rescue crews, according to reports.

Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend 2
Cargo ship collision with Francis Scott Key bridge triggers mass casualty event. Image Credits: REUTERS

The victims were identified as Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, 35, of Mexico and Baltimore, and Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, 26, of Guatemala and Dundalk, Maryland.

According to Maryland State Police Colonel Roland L. Butler Jr., the two victims were found in a red pickup truck that was submerged in about 25 feet of water near the center of the bridge.

Rescue crews used sonar to locate and identify the victims.

Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend 3
Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriendEmergency services respond swiftly to bridge collapse, initiating rescue efforts. Image Credits: REUTERS

Police and rescue teams are working tirelessly to find the remaining victims. 

After the incident, news emerged that a man narrowly avoided the Baltimore Bridge disaster by minutes due to an argument with his girlfriend. 

Jen Woof told The Telegraph about her son, Jayden, who unknowingly became one of the last people to cross the bridge safely.

Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend 3
Mother recounts son's near-miss with collapsing bridge following argument. Image Credits: REUTERS

Initially planning to stay with his girlfriend on the north side of the river, an argument led him to change his mind and return home.

Feeling remorseful, he then turned back to apologize, only to be rejected again. This back-and-forth resulted in Jayden crossing the bridge three times – the last crossing occurring just minutes before the collapse.

Jen Woof told the Telegraph, "He was actually almost to our house when his girlfriend started texting him to ask if he was OK."

Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend 5
Lucky turn of events as man narrowly avoids bridge collapse three times. Image Credits: REUTERS

"He thought she was texting because they were arguing, and she said the bridge had collapsed. He came into my house, frantically panicking and yelling for me and showing me a video." She added. 

This fortunate turn of events highlights the near-tragic outcome that could have been for Jayden. The investigation into the bridge collapse continues, with officials boarding the cargo ship ("Dali") to gather evidence and determine the cause of the accident.

Previously, the CCTV footage revealed that the Baltimore Bridge collapse left several viewers shocked. 

The timelapse video starts around 1:23 am, with the cargo ship becoming obscured a minute later.  There's a brief flicker of recovery as some lights turn back on, but thick smoke quickly billows from the vessel.

Man escapes Baltimore Bridge tragedy after argument with girlfriend 6
Lucky man's car narrowly avoids plunging into Patapsco River amid dispute.' Image Credits: REUTERS

Additionally, at approximately 1:26 am, the video depicts the ship losing power again.

 Just as the lights return, the vessel slams into the bridge, causing the entire structure to crumble.

The rescue teams scouring the Patapsco River, where submerged vehicles and missing workers are located.

One person said: People don't realize how vulnerable our bridges are. Knocking out four railroad bridges across the Mississippi will throw our economy in chaos.

A  second wrote: Controlled hit they refused to go under rug board direction till past the bridge! They are supposed to be taken under tug power till past the bridge

While a third commented:Praying for all involved 

Another added: Prayers with all those impacted by this horrific incident.

Someone else said: O my heart goes out to those that were on the bridge