Man gets furious after realizing the US tipping issue is out of control

Monday, 25/12/2023, 15:45 (GMT+7)

American man expresses his disappointment on TikTok, stating the tipping in the US is now out of control.

A user @cbwritescopy posted his video on TikTok sharing his awful experience at Miami's coffee shop

In the viral video, Christian angrily revealed that he just bought a cup of pumpkin spice latte and was forced to pay a tip without any other options.

Man gets furious after realizing the US tipping issue is out of control 1
Christian stated the tipping in US is out of control. Image Credit: TikTok/cbwritescopy

Christian emphasized the 'mandatory service charge' emerged on his bill as a reminder that he might not have his coffee if he doesn't pay the required tip.

"Tipping in the US is out of control. I'm in Miami right now and I got this pumpkin spice latte from a place in Brickell and there was a mandatory service charge on my bill.

"I didn't even get the option to tip, I didn't get asked if I wanted to tip, I had to tip as part of my order," Christian recounted.

The man also claimed that the employee didn't even ask him about the percentage of the tip, and then the screen just said 'service charge.'

Man gets furious after realizing the US tipping issue is out of control 2
He gets angry after being forced to pay a tip for a cup of coffee. Image Credit: TikTok/cbwritescopy

The Tiktoker insisted he was willing to tip if it was worth it

Speaking about this tipping issue, Christian stated he's always ready to spend a generous tipping if it is worth it, indicating a good meal, a good place, and excellent service, rather than a cup of coffee.

"I'll be happy to tip on a great three-course meal with good service, but for a cup of coffee, I typically don't tip," the man affirmed.

"I don't know if this is just a Miami thing, but this is getting out of control. Aren't tips meant to reward good service? Not just be a requirement for ordering a coffee at a coffee shop like what?" He added.

Man gets furious after realizing the US tipping issue is out of control 3
He insisted he's always paid a good tip for a good meal and service. Image Credit: TikTok/@cbwritescopy

Christian supposed this tipping issue in the US is now out of control and started comparing it to his experience in Italy.

American man emphasized when he was in Italy over the summer, he had everything he wanted and the 'mandatory service charge' never appeared in his bill. 

This thing also left him confused as to why good service didn't ask for a tip.

As a result, he was willing to spend an amount of generous tipping for that employee as his grateful for the good experience.

Man gets furious after realizing the US tipping issue is out of control 4
Christian is confused because in Italy there is no need to tip even though the service is very good. Image Credit: TikTok/@cbwritescopy

"That's Italy, so you can go to Italy, where you can have the best service of your life and there's no tip," Christian concluded.

"It's a huge difference in the US, especially in Miami, where they pour you a cup of coffee and you are forced to tip or else you can't get your coffee," he added. 

Christian's video has garnered numerous social media users on TikTok, sparking divided opinions about the tipping in the US

While some agree with his concept and also state there is no need for a tip for a cup of coffee, others suppose that is the culture, you have to pay for those who serve you.

I've stopped tipping completely unless it's at a sit-down restaurant, one user affirmed.

I agree the tipping issue is crazy here why would I tip $3 for a $5 cup of coffee it's ridiculous, the second replied.

I live in Miami and the majority of restaurants automatically add 18% gratuity to bills. If you don't pay attention you'll end up tipping double, another warned.

Miami will service charges 18-22% on everything and that's not even the tip, someone complained.

I don't tip anywhere: sit in restaurants, cafes, Uber, room service, Nothing! A man commented.