People divided after waitress receives savage note instead of tip

Tuesday, 05/09/2023, 15:40 (GMT+7)

Opinions are split among people after a waitress receives a brutal note instead of a tip.



A waitress has gone viral because she received a savage note instead of a tip.

Although tipping culture has come under fire in recent years, in the US, it is still expected to leave some extra cash for service staff.

Now, a fresh debate has emerged surrounding the topic of tipping, but it's probably not the one you would expect.

People divided after waitress receives savage note instead of tip 1
Image Credit: Reddit

A photograph of a bill valued at $32.76 was posted on Reddit. The customer who left the tip seemed to take the instruction quite literally, opting to provide a fierce piece of advice rather than extra cash for the staff member.

Adjacent to the tip section, a handwritten note read,  'Don’t call my husband sweetheart' Naturally, considering the tone of the message, no extra money was left for the unknown waitress.

People divided after waitress receives savage note instead of tip 2
Image Credit: Pexels

The shared image of the bill included the caption: “Well, it may be a tip but she’s just trying to make a living.”

Social media users have now engaged in a debate regarding the message, with some siding with the waitress.

One user said: Oh he has most likely got caught in the past and probably with one of her friends!   

A second wrote: The husband probably has a girlfriend already   

A third commented: I guess the wife doesn't get out much or listen very well, bet the waitress also called HER sweetheart. 

Another said: This is the reason the civilized countries got rid of tip-based jobs.

A former waitress, who is also a social media user, gave her two cents on the savage tip.

“I was a waitress for 5 years while in high school & college, and even then I knew that usually if the wife or gf liked me/my service, it was going to be a better tip,” she wrote on Reddit.

“Was always careful not to do anything to make anyone feel disrespected. Saved the pigtails and flirty banter for when the sports teams came in after a game or table full of just men.”