Meat eaters baffled by the World's first plant-based rib rack

Monday, 01/01/2024, 07:43 (GMT+7)

The world's first plant-based rib rack leaves carnivores puzzled.

Fake meat maker Juicy Marbles has already produced several popular types of meat in vegan form.

Slovenian company Juicy Marbles has introduced an innovative plant-based fake meat product, marking the world's first plant-based stack primarily composed of soy.

Meat eaters baffled by the World's first plant-based rib rack 1
"The world's first" plant-based ribeye steaks with vegan bones are available for purchase..Image Credit: Juice Marbles

This product, known as 'Bone-In Ribs,' offers a unique twist in the realm of meat alternatives. It features imitation 'bones' that can be air-fried or baked to create a 'crispy snack,' as per the company's description.

Similar to conventional meat, Bone-In Ribs are suitable for marinating and cooking much more quickly. However, with a price tag of nearly £30 per stack, they come at a premium.

Meat eaters baffled by the World's first plant-based rib rack 2
The world's first plant-based rib rack confounds those who eat meat. .Image Credit: Juice Marbles

Juicy Marbles describes the product on its website, stating, 'With so much surface to caramelize and rich fat throughout, every bite delivers that perfect combo of crispy, melt-in-your-mouth crust and tender, juicy meat,' 

'The bones are made out of nutritious plant protein, meaning they can also be eaten. 

'For a crispy snack with more protein than jerky, you can fry, bake or air-fry them.'

Despite the unusual concept of consuming imitation bones, customer interest is evident, as the product is currently sold out on the company's website.

Meat eaters baffled by the World's first plant-based rib rack 3
The main ingredients of "Bone-In" Ribs, according to the Juicy Marbles website, are soy protein, sunflower oil, and water. .Image Credit: Juice Marbles

One individual who sampled the ribs, reporter Jonathan Chadwick, likened the fake meat to pulled pork, describing it as falling apart in succulent threads. However, he found the 'bones' to have a 'tough and bendy' texture, making them one of the strangest things he's ever tasted.

The world's first plant-based rib rack left meat enthusiasts baffled.

Many food enthusiasts are similarly intrigued by the notion of consuming a faux 'bone.'

Meat eaters baffled by the World's first plant-based rib rack 4
The idea of eating a fake "bone" intrigues many foodies. . Image Credit: Juice Marbles

One person said:  Vegans don't want anything to do with meat yet they want their food to look like meat. You couldn't make it up, could you?!

A second said: Vegan food is usually packed with chemicals. I wonder what the consequences will be down the road. 

A third commented: If you are vegan why do you want your food to look like meat? Just by meat. 

Someone else said: Just why do they have to dress everything up as meat when they are totally against eating it, is it because it's so bland and unappetizing in its raw form? Meat is natural and not full of e numbers, chemicals, and artificial flavorings that probably aren't at all healthy! 

Another continued: If vegans want their food to look like meat, here is an idea, eat real meat, it already looks like meat, it tastes like meat and it is also cheaper than fake meat. 

Why would I want to buy ultra-processed additive-laden fake meat when I can nip into the local butchers and buy a minimally processed natural alternative that looks better, tastes better, and contains more nutrients? Another added. 

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