Mysterious black helicopters retrieve UFO shot down near Alaska

Saturday, 10/02/2024, 15:54 (GMT+7)

The retrieval of a downed UFO near Alaska, conducted by mysterious black helicopters, continues to captivate the public's imagination.

In a mysterious turn of events, recent reports suggest that a mission involving mysterious black helicopters was conducted to recover a downed unidentified flying object (UFO) near the Alaskan coast. 

Mystery surrounds a UFO shot down by the US Air Force near Alaska

The incident occurred approximately a year ago and involved US Air Force fighter jets intercepting and shooting down a cylindrical object located about 10 miles off the Alaskan shoreline. 

Mysterious black helicopters retrieve UFO shot down near Alaska 1
The object believed to be a UFO was shot down and recovered by the US Air Force near Alaska. Image Credit: Getty

While initial accounts from the pilots involved were conflicting, President Joe Biden later dismissed the object as a possible civilian balloon associated with private companies, entertainment ventures, or research institutions.

However, a whistleblower has now come forward, alleging a cover-up by the President and shedding new light on the incident.

The whistleblower's revelations about the UFO that was retrieved secretly by mysterious black helicopters.

Renowned Australian journalist Ross Coulthart recently disclosed that he received fresh information from a reliable source within the Department of Defense, providing crucial insights into the mysterious occurrence. 

Mysterious black helicopters retrieve UFO shot down near Alaska 2
Ross confirmed that the object shot down was a UFO instead of a balloon as President Joe Biden once claimed. Image Credit: Getty

According to Coulthart, the Pentagon confirmed that the object spotted off the Alaskan coast was indeed a silver cylindrical Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), rejecting the notion of it being a mere balloon.

Surprisingly, President Biden purportedly ordered the object to be shot down and asked the helicopters to retrieve the UFO. 

HC-130 helicopters, F-16 fighter jets, and enigmatic black helicopters are associated with "other government agencies" (OGA), commonly believed to refer to entities like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other covert security organizations.

Coulthart underscored the authenticity of his information, affirming that it originated directly from a credible source within the Pentagon. 

Mysterious black helicopters retrieve UFO shot down near Alaska 3
The UFO was mysteriously recovered, raising concerns surrounding it and its cover-up by the US Air Force. Image Credit: Getty

Official response from the Pentagon

Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesperson Major General Patrick Ryder handled the incident, acknowledging that the object posed a significant danger, leading to its destruction on President Biden's direct orders.

However, no further details regarding the clandestine retrieval operation or the recovered object have been officially disclosed.

Mysterious black helicopters retrieve UFO shot down near Alaska 4
The US Air Force was criticized for its stealthy recovery of UFO objects. Image Credit: Getty