'12-meter-wide UFO' spotted stranding in Antarctica on Google Maps 

Friday, 02/02/2024, 13:34 (GMT+7)

Google Maps seems to have been a popular 'strange object search' tool with everyone as one user went on to find a 12-meter-long UFO in Antarctica.

A mysterious sight has captured the attention of internet users as a peculiar "12-meter-wide UFO" was reportedly spotted stranded in Antarctica on Google Maps by a user.

The satellite image, displaying a disc-shaped object on the icy terrain, has sparked speculation and curiosity about the origins and purpose of this unusual discovery.

'12-meter-wide UFO' spotted stranding in Antarctica on Google Maps  1
A Google Maps user spotted a UFO in Antarctica. Image Credit: Getty

Google Maps user discovered a UFO in Antarctica.

Recently, a Google Maps user discovered something surprising during his online exploration. They discovered a UFO on the edge of a small island in Antarctica.

The place where the UFO was discovered is called Two Hummock Island which is about six miles long and has two rocky mountains Bauche is Modev.

Over the years, numerous individuals, including scientists and explorers, have claimed to have witnessed unidentified flying objects in the icy wilderness of Antarctica. 

'12-meter-wide UFO' spotted stranding in Antarctica on Google Maps  2
An object believed to be a UFO is stuck on the edge of Hai Hummock Island. Image Credit: Google Images

These sightings often generate conspiracy theories and speculation about alien activities and hidden secrets on the continent. 

While some people suppose these sightings to be natural phenomena or mistaken, the attractiveness of the unknown continues to captivate those who are intrigued by the mysteries of Antarctica.

What does the UFO that is stranded in Antarctica look like?

According to the description of the amateur explorer, the UFO is estimated to be 12 meters in size and has a classic dome and a large rim. It even has a classic metallic look.

Descriptions of UFOs are similar to what we often hear about real UFOs.

'12-meter-wide UFO' spotted stranding in Antarctica on Google Maps  3
Descriptions of a 12-meter UFO in Antarctica are similar to what we often hear about UFOs. Image Credit: Google Images

UFO discovered in Antarctica on Google Maps sparks divided opinions.

Although it is an amazing discovery, it seems to lack authenticity, sparking debate about its true shape, and raising the question of whether it is really a UFO stuck in Antarctica.

On the forums, many users have participated in the debate about this UFO.

Some say it is clearly a handmade item because its shape appears to have not been eroded by waves.

The rest confirmed that this was a UFO through its shape on Google Maps satellite images.

'12-meter-wide UFO' spotted stranding in Antarctica on Google Maps  4
Google Maps user's discovery of a 12-meter-long UFO is controversial due to its lack of authenticity. Image Credit: Google Images

Notably, this discovery somewhat coincides with Eric Hecker, who announced at the United States UFO Disclosure meetings that he had seen UFOs contacting spacecraft in space during his stopover in the Antarctic.

Another case of spotting UFO

This is not the first time UFOs have caused controversy on social media.

Earlier this month, a UFO shaped like a flying jellyfish was caught on surveillance cameras flying over a military base, surprising many people.

'12-meter-wide UFO' spotted stranding in Antarctica on Google Maps  5
A jellyfish-shaped flying object was caught flying over and invisible at the US military area. Image Credit: Google Images

Its true shape remains unknown, but officials mention its strange movements and invisibility at the end of the video adding to their concerns about the existence of extraterrestrial creatures and the reason they appear in military zones.