Remains of missing Canadian woman finally found after 12 years

Friday, 08/12/2023, 12:11 (GMT+7)

After 12 years, remains of missing Canadian woman Madison 'Maddy' Scott were found at a rural property relatively close to Hogsback Lake by police.

Since she went missing at the age of 20, Madison Scott's case has garnered a lot of attention. Throughout her city and the neighborhoods around it, billboards requesting information have appeared frequently.

Madison was last seen on May 28, 2011, at a campground close to Hogsback Lake, which is only 25 kilometers from Vanderhoof, British Columbia, where she grew up.

Remains of missing Canadian woman finally found after 12 years 1
After 12 years of missing, the RCMP has identified Madison Scott's remains. Image Credit: Help Find Madison Scott

On Monday, May 29, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) declared that remains had been discovered at a remote property not far from Hogsback Lake. The human remains have subsequently been positively identified as Madison's.

Madison's family has been informed, the RCMP stated in a statement, adding they were now executing a warrant on the rural property where her remains were discovered.

Remains of missing Canadian woman finally found after 12 years 2
Madison's disappearance was widely publicized for many years. Image Credit: Help Find Madison Scott

The statement, issued by Cpl. Madonna Saunderson, said: "We can confirm that the property is associated with the discovery of Maddy who has been positively identified by BC Coroner's Service.

"The Scott family has been advised and they have asked for privacy at this time. Many areas of support remain in place for the family.

"This has been a priority investigation for the RCMP over the past 12 years."

The last known sighting of Madison Scott, a young Canadian woman, occurred around 3:00 am on May 28, 2011. 

She was reported missing from the camping grounds, where she had been celebrating a friend's birthday. What makes her disappearance even more perplexing is that she left behind her phone and car keys, intensifying the mystery surrounding her vanishing. 

Remains of missing Canadian woman finally found after 12 years 3
Nearly precisely twelve years have passed since Madison vanished. Image Credit: Help Find Madison Scott

According to Help Find Madison Scott: "We have held onto hope for 12 long years that Maddy would be found alive. Now we know she is truly missing from our lives.

"Her presence brightened and warmed the world, now the air is colder, the sky has darkened, sadness fills me, and tears well in my eyes. It is so wrong she is no longer with us. My thoughts go to Eldon and Dawn. We are here to support you in any way we can. Just know so so many people are thinking of you and Maddy, and grieving with you, on your unfathomable loss."

Remains of missing Canadian woman finally found after 12 years 4
Madison Scott's last rays of life have finally been extinguished after her remains were discovered after being missing for 12 years. Image Credit: Help Find Madison Scott

In a statement released by the RCMP, Madison is described as a vibrant, free-spirited, loyal, and kind individual. Alongside her dedication to her family's business, she found joy in the company of loved ones, sports like hockey and softball, and the art of photography.

As time passed, Madison would have turned 32 years old, potentially delving into her career and perhaps starting a family of her own. However, her family has been deprived of witnessing her grow into a wife, mother, and aunt.