Shopper issues a warning about tiny dots found on bananas

Tuesday, 10/10/2023, 16:25 (GMT+7)

Asda shopper warned about small dots found on bananas after she bought them from the supermarket.

A shopper was shocked after spotting a strange 'white spot' on a bunch of bananas that she had purchased from the supermarket giant Asda.

After returning home, the unnamed shopper hurried to the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, seeking assistance in identifying the anomaly.

Shopper issues a warning about tiny dots found on bananas 1
Image Credit|: Chanel Annalise Russell/Facebook

She shared a photograph of the oddly discolored bananas and hoped that someone within the group could give her an answer.

The post read: 'Does anybody have any idea what this white spot is on my banana? Bought from Asda yesterday.'

The post quickly went viral and sparked numerous debates. People offered their own theories about what might have caused the unusual appearance of the bananas.

Shopper issues a warning about tiny dots found on bananas 2
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One person joked: I had a similar experience but you won’t believe what was in mine I peeled it back and a raccoon ran out with some of the banana. 

A second wrote: I once had a dead praying mantis in my bananas at Morrisons - I felt like I’d won the lottery, showed a few staff members until one finally took them off me.

A third commented: People do realize these grow outside right? Just carefully clean it or don’t eat it. 

Someone else said: Vegetables and fruit are grown outside….animals live outside. How do people think we get the food to begin with? There are bound to be a few critters here and there. Or something even more radical that has never been done, check your groceries before you purchase them! 

Another wrote: If you are weird enough to eat a banana with its skin then that's the least of your worries.

What is worse than finding a spider in your banana? Finding a half of the spider. Another added. 

Shopper issues a warning about tiny dots found on bananas 3
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Given that fruits like bananas primarily grow in outdoor settings, it's not uncommon for insects to occasionally inhabit them.

According to the LABbile,  Asda spokesperson said: "That particular ‘white spot’ looks to be a mealybug nest, they’re completely harmless but as with other insects and they like to make themselves at home in between banana fingers which provide a nice protective habitat for them to live."