Steady footage of unidentified subject filmmakers believe to be Bigfoot

Monday, 11/09/2023, 16:59 (GMT+7)

Similar to well-known urban legends such as UFOs and the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot stands out prominently among these legends.

For decades, those interested in this elusive creature have only had fleeting glimpses of the legendary figure.

Steady footage of unidentified subject filmmakers believe to be Bigfoot 1
Image Credits: MojoPin1983/Youtube

One piece of evidence is the Patterson-Gimlin film, filmed in 1967 in California. In the footage, captured by Roger Patterson and Roger Gimlin, a creature resembling Bigfoot is seen strolling through a forest.

Steady footage of unidentified subject filmmakers believe to be Bigfoot 2
Image Credits: MojoPin1983/Youtube

Critics have often pointed out that the footage was too shaky to serve as definitive proof of Sasquatch's existence. However, the footage has now been stabilized for better viewing.

Despite this improvement, some still argue that it appears to be a man in a gorilla suit.

Steady footage of unidentified subject filmmakers believe to be Bigfoot 3
Image Credits: MojoPin1983/Youtube

As expected, the internet is sparking debates and discussions, and there remain dedicated believers in the existence of Bigfoot."

However, numerous people were more skeptical about the validity of the footage.

Steady footage of unidentified subject filmmakers believe to be Bigfoot 4
Image Credits: MojoPin1983/Youtube

One cynic remarked: Real or not, this film really has a charm that's lasted the test of time and there's no denying how iconic it's become.  Iconic both for Bigfoot and for cryptids as a whole.  Bigfoot probably wouldn't be as popular of a character as it is today if it weren't for this.

A second Bigfoot follower wrote: I don’t think Bigfoot would be nearly as famous as he is today if not for this footage. Whether real or not, this video is the perfect encapsulation of the mysteriousness of nature. Personally, I kind of hope this video never gets proven, as it really is the ultimate mystery.

A third commented: Does anyone know if there’s other footage or video where they find the other supposed Sasquatch in the foreground? I’ve heard other rumors there were supposedly juveniles hiding since this was clearly a female caught on camera. Would love to see that footage where they are at least circled in the foreground to see if I can see them.

Someone else said: I remain skeptical, however, this remains the most impressive "Bigfoot" film I've ever seen. This creature is walking away from a potential threat in a very convincing, yet not fearful way as I would expect such a large animal to do.  In other such films, the so-called "Bigfoot" just ambles around in circles to make sure it can be seen, makes very limited movements, or is so far away that no clear identification can be made. Thought provoking for sure.

I doubt the existence of Bigfoot, but this footage today remains by far the most convincing of any cryptid ever. And the fact that it still hasn’t been disproven and remains this authentic after over 50 years tells me maybe it can be real. Another added. 

Watching the video below: 

A man gained recognition for capturing what some consider to be Bigfoot. While Josh was in the wilderness of Tunica, Mississippi, he recorded a video featuring a creature resembling Bigfoot.

Steady footage of unidentified subject filmmakers believe to be Bigfoot 5
Image Credits: Youtube/Josh Highcliff

In his account, Josh estimated the creature's height to be at least seven feet. He admitted that, at first, he thought he was looking at a hog until the creature stood upright.

Many people were even shocked when they witnessed his video.

One person said: Very impressive. Footage taken by someone who is pretty brave to stay as long as he did. Not my opinion, simply true based on the lack of videos like this. Normally people bolt after the first glace of something like this animal.

A second wrote: I think it's a scrawny, likely juvenile black bear that was so tunnel-visioned on its ants, termite, or beetle larvae meal that for the most part it ignored you. At 1:52 its head is partially inside the tree and thus hidden from view the back of both ears are visible.  At 1:58 it starts stretching upward ( I think) rather bear-like. What I originally thought was an arm at 11 seconds I now believe was a stick or such in the bear's mouth.

Someone else added: I'm usually a huge skeptic, which pisses my friends off to no end. But I have to say that this is by far the best and most convincing footage I have ever seen.

Another continued: It looks so natural like it's in its element. When you hear the crack of the wood when it rips it out it sounds like it's got some real strength. Pretty of the best BF videos I've seen.

Watching the video: