Video of ‘Bigfoot’ in Mississippi woods, photos 'of mythical creature' send fans wild

Sunday, 20/08/2023, 11:38 (GMT+7)

One of life's great unsolved mysteries is like the Bermuda Triangle and the curse of Tutankhamun, the existence of Bigfoot remains an unresolved puzzle. 

The notion of a colossal, shaggy creature wandering through North American forests has captivated human fascination, but although there have been many suspected sightings, concrete evidence of its existence has remained elusive.

Video of ‘Bigfoot’ in Mississippi woods, photos 'of mythical creature' send fans wild 1
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A man from the United States has been captivated for years by the potential existence of the creature. This individual, Josh Highcliffe, ventured into the Mississippi woodland and managed to capture some of the clearest footage of the ape-like monster.

Video of ‘Bigfoot’ in Mississippi woods, photos 'of mythical creature' send fans wild 2
Image Credits: Youtube/Josh Highcliff

Then, eight years ago, Josh Highcliffe posted his video on YouTube, garnering widespread recognition from fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts. They collectively agreed that it stood as the best footage of the legendary creature they had ever seen.

The incredible video seemingly shows what appears to be a Sasquatch rapidly traversing through the Mississippi forest. 

This footage, lasting around two minutes,  is going viral, with numerous individuals asserting that it stands as the most exceptional depiction of the legendary creature ever recorded.

Video of ‘Bigfoot’ in Mississippi woods, photos 'of mythical creature' send fans wild 3
Image Credits: Youtube/Josh Highcliff

In a caption for the clip, Highcliffe recalled coming across the creature as it ripped the bark off a tree trunk and discarded it onto the ground. He admitted that he was 'afraid' of the hairy beast when he unexpectedly encountered it during a hunting excursion.

Highcliffe recounted that while he was sitting in a part of the swamp, he heard a noise behind a tree.

He said: “When I got around, I could not believe my own two eyes. There was this huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away.”

Video of ‘Bigfoot’ in Mississippi woods, photos 'of mythical creature' send fans wild 4
Image Credits: Youtube/Josh Highcliff

“I thought it was a hog but saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands,” the hunter continued. “It looked like it was digging out the stump. My first instinct was to run, I did not even think of shooting.”

According to the Mississippi man, the creature was seven feet tall, and its appearance bore no resemblance to that of a bear.

Perplexed by the experience, he confessed to his uncertainty and sought the opinions of viewers to help identify the breed of the beast.

Numerous viewers expressed their amazement in the comments section, with many believing it was Bigfoot.

One person commented: I saw this video on the Travel Channel on one of the shows. It was clearly a huge, dark, hairy creature ripping the bark off the tree like he was peeling a banana. If you doubters saw this video, you would become a believer. The video was not blurry like the picture shown here. It was clear as day and proof positive that it was Bigfoot.

A second wrote: I see a tree in the woods and that's it? I even zoomed in looking for something that could be mistaken for bigfoot but can't see anything??

A third said: Do all Bigfoots have some kind of electronic/magnetic scrambling measures to automatically blur and depixel any photograph or video taken of them? This one seems to have a very pointy head, it's almost as if someone had saved the same picture over and over again at lower and lower detail until it became sort of but not entirely like something vaguely Bigfoot shaped.


Watching the video below: