US tourist sparks debate after revealing long list of things she hates about Europe

Saturday, 02/12/2023, 16:23 (GMT+7)

A detailed list of complaints from a US traveler regarding Europe generates debate and controversy. It follows her trips to southern France, southern Spain, and southern Italy.

An online debate was started by an American traveler who shared a lengthy list of her dislikes for Europe

More than 4.7 million people have viewed the first video in @thestrawberryannie's two-part series in just one week.

"I used to romanticise Europe, but after going there three times, I feel like I've really gotten to see what it truly is. So, I've been able to make a list of the things that I don't really like," she insisted.

"This list is mostly based off of the three week trip I spent in southern Spain, southern France, and Italy last month. 

US tourist sparks debate after revealing long list of things she hates about Europe 1
An American tourist's video criticizing Europe sparked a debate online, with Europeans defending their countries and Americans agreeing with the tourist's complaints. Image Credit: TikTok/@thestrawberryannie

"Not every single city or every establishment was like this, but this is what we found to be common. We still love visiting European countries, but I sure do appreciate the Bucees bathrooms in the United States of America," the TikToker's full list noted.

No condiments

Her list started with the lack of condiments.

"I feel like in America, we're very saucy people and we have sauces or dips that go with everything, it comes with the meal.

"They don't have that there, so for example I ordered calamari, they didn't serve it with like cocktail sauce or tartar sauce or even a lemon wedge - there was nothing, it was dry.

"The food there is so dry, you have to pay extra for sauce," the tourist complained.

"Never serve calamari with sauces is crazy," an American commenter said, "I would cry if I had to live there permanently because of that and the lack of ice and Dr. Pepper."

No shower curtains

The TikToker then complained about the absence of shower curtains.

"There's not a curtain in sight, it was all like glass walls, but half of the tubs, the glass wall shower thing only covered half of the tub.

"So, you just felt like you're just gonna get water everywhere, it wasn't very comfortable," she said.

In the comments, people quickly argued the concept; one person even said that glass walls are better than curtains.

No washcloths

The US tourist expressed frustration over the lack of washcloths provided in European accommodations.

She mentioned that she wanted to exfoliate her skin after wearing sunscreen all day but was only given a hand towel and a body towel, without a small washcloth.

She emphasized her desire to scrub her skin thoroughly but was unable to do so with just her bare hands.

"You wanted to see a public washcloth!?!?!?' I'd rather die than use a hotel washcloth, even if it has been washed in between customers, is it a normal thing in the US?" One user left a comment.

No free water or free refills

"Next, we have no free water or free refills at restaurants," the TikToker stated.

"I spent so much money on water at restaurants, it really made me miss the unlimited giant glasses of cold water in America."

"So many of these are available in Europe," a commenter said, "All you have to do is know what to ask. You must ask for tap water in the majority of Northern Europe," they suggested.

US tourist sparks debate after revealing long list of things she hates about Europe 2
The woman expressed disappointment that there was no free drinking water in the hotel. Image Cedit: TikTok/@thestrawberryannie

No free public bathrooms

The young woman further pointed out that there were no free public restrooms available in Europe. She mentioned that to use a restroom, one had to go to a place where they had made a purchase.

As a result, she had to use the restroom whenever they visited restaurants.

"You would think that since you're buying something and you're in like a facility, the bathroom will at least be nice - wrong.

"Wrong, even the bathrooms that you pay for are disgusting. That was the case in Spain, France and Italy.

"Germany is a little bit better about the bathroom stuff, but man oh man those bathrooms are crusty," she explained.

Missing toilet seats

She added into the topic of bathroom: "The toilets didn't have seats on them so I had to either squat or sit on a bare rim of a toilet. It was not fun."

Viewers were shocked by the absence of toilet seats in Europe and shared their surprise at having to pay for public restrooms. One person mentioned encountering a hole in the ground bathroom in Pompeii.

Im sorry NO TOILET SEATS?? I found the public bathrooms in Austria and Germany to be very clean but was still shocked I had to pay for them, one viewer commented.

Someone else wrote, I was in pompeii once and the bathroom was a hole in the ground.

No free hotel breakfast or vending machines

Continuing her list of complaints, the US tourist expressed disappointment with the lack of free hotel breakfast in Europe. She mentioned that one had to pay extra for breakfast, unlike the traditional continental breakfast that she was accustomed to. 

Furthermore, she noted the absence of vending machines in the hotels. This meant that if someone wanted a late-night snack, they would have difficulty finding one since the hotels did not have vending machines.

Long flat pillows

The TikToker expressed her dissatisfaction with the pillows provided in European hotels, describing them as long, flat pillows that covered the entire bed.

She compared them to the fluffy pillows she was accustomed to and mentioned that she didn't have her pillow, which she found to be a departure from her expectations.

While she acknowledged that her comment might come across as rude, she clarified that she meant it in terms of the pillows being different rather than outright weird.

US tourist sparks debate after revealing long list of things she hates about Europe 3
Annie spent more than 3 weeks visiting Europe, but had quite bad experiences. Image Credit: TikTok/@thestrawberryannie

Large beds were twins pushed together 

She continued "Large beds for like couples are just twins pushed together, so if you wanna cuddle one of you guys is gonna be laying in the crack.

"You're gonna be in the crack of the bed."

Two giant straws in cocktails

The American tourist found it amusing and puzzling that cocktails in Europe were served with two large straws, questioning their purpose and whether she was supposed to drink from both.

"They do two giant straws which I just thought was funny, 'cause I'm like am I supposed to drink out of both? Because I'm going to drink this fast if that's the case.

"Or is it like just for decoration but if so why are the straws so big? I just don't understand."

Shopping bags cost money 

The American tourist complained about having to pay for shopping bags in Europe and the inconvenience it caused for tourists who didn't bring their bags.

"Nothing is free there, don't think for a second that it will be cause it's not."

French fries are terrible

She found the French fries in Europe to be disappointing, describing them as barely golden brown, not crispy, and often soggy.

"French fries are terrible, they're barely golden brown, not even crispy, kinda soggy.

" think we had one good French fry place the whole time we were there, it was pretty disappointing."

Lemonade is 'sugar soda water'

The US woman also realized the concept of lemonade in Europe was confusing, expressing her disappointment with the simplified version.

"Lemonade is just sugar soda water, so literally soda water with like a packet of sugar and they squeeze like one lime wedge in there and that's your lemonade. I hope you enjoy it."

Fries and salad are the only sides

She stated that Europe has limited food options: "Fries and salad are the only sides to literally anything. I was so sick of the crappy fries, I was like can I please have some mac and cheese or broccoli or literally anything else as a side?

"Even their salads aren't like extra like we make our salad so extra here with all the toppings.

"Their salad is just like greens and the oil and vinegar dressing and that's it, that's what you're eating."

Tiny water glasses 

Toward the end of her list, the tourist complained about the small water glasses in Europe and the expensive cost of water without free refills, leading to the inconvenience of constantly drinking from the tiny cups.

"I'm just like so thirsty, I could not get hydrated, it didn't matter how much water I drank, I wasn't gonna get hydrated.

"Something's in that water, it just does not penetrate the veins, I don't know."

US tourist sparks debate after revealing long list of things she hates about Europe 4
The woman received a lot of sympathy for the things listed in the list, and at the same time she was also criticized by some Europeans for her one-sided view. Image Credit: TikTok/@thestrawberryannie

No hair conditioner

The last complaint the tourist had about Europe was the absence of hair conditioner.

She informed viewers that every hotel they stayed at lacked conditioner, implying that it was not a common amenity provided in European hotels.

"It was either shower gel and shampoo or a combo of the shower gel and shampoo, no conditioner anywhere to be seen - hair is dry, that's it."

In her video conclusion, the tourist clarified that while there were things she did like about Europe, she and her companions became homesick during their extended stay.

As a result, they compiled a list of all the noticeable differences from home, highlighting the aspects that stood out to them the most.

The video triggered a debate in the comments, with Europeans defending their countries and Americans agreeing with the TikToker's complaints about Europe.

I mean, I'm only three deep into your list and they're all wrong so far, some viewers commented.

This list is completely false, another replied.

It would be impossible for me to live without Ranch. There are no washcloths at all, that is the worst, one American viewer said.