Why are the bathroom walls completely transparent?

Friday, 06/10/2023, 12:05 (GMT+7)

Not just motels, many hotels now have clear glass in their bathrooms to help make the room space more ventilated.

 When you travel to other provinces or go on business, hotels are the most suitable resting space for many people. However, many hotels use clear glass to make bathroom partitions instead of other materials. From the bedrooms and bathrooms, everything going on inside is clearly visible, leaving many people feeling they have lost their privacy. There are certain benefits to making glass walls for bathrooms.

Most hotel bathrooms today use transparent partitions.

Following design principles

Hotel rooms are often relatively compact, which limits the size of the bathroom. Employing clear glass partitions can provide a sense of expansiveness to the room without the confinement associated with traditional walls.

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In this way, hotels can "cheat" and add a little more space, making the room more harmonious and cleaner. From there, help room users feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Lighting solution

During the day, the natural light from the balcony will help the transparent bathroom get enough light without turning on the lights.

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If it's at night, people using the bathroom can use lights throughout the room and still see everything clearly. Therefore, the hotel can save some money on electricity bills every month.

Using clear glass helps optimize bathroom lighting.

Cleaning is easy

Designed with clear glass, hotel cleaning staff can easily clean and maintain the bathroom interior. Cleaning the glass is not only simpler for staff than repainting walls but also saves hotel owners time and money.

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Choosing clear glass for bathroom partitions adds elegance, sophistication, and class compared to regular tiles or aluminum walls. Additionally, the use of clear glass facilitates bathroom cleaning.

Customer psychology and needs

The bathroom made of clear glass is ideal for couples and couples in an open space next to the bed. It can be said that this is an equally important objective factor for lovers in love.

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Hotel bathrooms typically feature soft, semi-transparent curtains in addition to transparent glass walls. Guests can open or close the curtains as needed to ensure privacy.