Woman discovers the secret power of red underwear

Friday, 11/08/2023, 22:44 (GMT+7)

A woman has revealed the best underwear we should wear under white clothes to avoid becoming the center of attention. 

Australian-based TikTok user Elizabeth Zemlyanoy put a pair of red briefs under white pants, and her viral video immediately caught everyone's attention. The red briefs remained completely invisible beneath the tight white pants.

Woman discovers the secret power of red underwear 1
Liz Zemlyanoy was shocked when she discovered the power of red underwear.
Woman discovers the secret power of red underwear 2
The red underwear is invisible underneath the white trousers.

In the video, which  racked up more than 43,000 views, the 20-year-old girl expresses her delight with the achieved effect. Even though the white pants slightly reveal the pockets, the red briefs underneath remain unseen.

Woman discovers the secret power of red underwear 3
Young lady was shocked when she couldn't see the red underneath

Before, Lydia Rose, a UK beauty influencer, demonstrated the noticeable contrast between a red and white bra worn under a white t-shirt. She advised girls to opt for red underwear to prevent the color from showing.

According to underwear company Bradoria, there's scientific evidence that certain shades of red can function as effectively as neutrals when selecting bras and knickers to wear under white clothing.

Whether you have fair or brunette skin, our skin has a red tones that can easily blend with a white colour shirt. To make a red bra work, it's crucial to find the appropriate shade that complements your skin tone. If you have a fair skin, a true red bra is recommended. Conversely, if you have darker skin, opt for deeper reds such as burgundy or scarlet.