Woman stunned by bizarre noises after destroying kitchen wall

Tuesday, 26/03/2024, 17:21 (GMT+7)

A woman was shocked when she heard strange noises emanating from within her kitchen wall.

A woman has become the center of attention on social media after she demolished her kitchen wall upon hearing strange noises from inside.

What she found inside the wall surprised everyone even more when it was a small creature.

Woman stunned by bizarre noises after destroying kitchen wall 1
A woman destroyed her kitchen wall because of weird sounds. Inside, she found a surprising small creature. Image Credit: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

The woman couldn't see her cat when she back home

Jayda Dixon-Williams, a woman who runs her own business and loves using TikTok, had a surprising and confusing experience. 

When she came back home one evening, she saw that workers who were fixing things had covered her kitchen wall, not realizing that her kitten was stuck inside.

Jayda, who goes by the name Jayda on TikTok with the username @myworld.wejustliveinit, felt really sad when she couldn't find her kitten, whom she lovingly called Raymonte or Tay Tay. 

But then, something amazing happened. 

Woman stunned by bizarre noises after destroying kitchen wall 2
Returning home, she found workers had covered her kitchen wall, unknowingly trapping her kitten. Image Credit: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

Woman stunned as she heard bizarre noises inside after destroying kitchen wall

She heard very soft scratching noises coming from behind the new wall. Jayda got worried that her cat might be stuck in the pipes, so she quickly looked for assistance.

Unable to reach the emergency maintenance and building management due to a phone line issue, Jayda made a desperate call to the police. 

They advised her to take matters into her own hands and break through the wall to rescue her trapped pet. 

Woman stunned by bizarre noises after destroying kitchen wall 3
Unable to contact help, she called the police who told her to break the wall and save her trapped pet. Image Credit: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

Being careful and thinking about the pipes hidden behind the wall, she kicked the kitchen wall down slowly and cautiously. 

She wanted to make sure her cat was safe and not in any danger.

Using just a knife as a temporary tool, Jayda carefully chipped away at the wall, making a small opening. 

Woman stunned by bizarre noises after destroying kitchen wall 4
She finally found her cat trapped inside the kitchen wall. Image Credit: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

She was extremely happy and shocked when she saw her dear cat sticking its head out, which she recorded in a popular TikTok video. 

Jayda expressed her gratitude that her kitten wasn't trapped deeper within the wall. 

Woman stunned by bizarre noises after destroying kitchen wall 5
Carefully kicking the wall, she used a knife to create a small hole and save her cat. Image Credit: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

The heartwarming video resonated with viewers, who flooded the comments section with words of relief and support for Jayda and her pet.

Cats lucky she didn't stab him with the steak knife while she was stabbing the wall, one user said.

Normally cats run away when strange people come close and if they are workers making noises, cats just stay far away and find a quiet place from that, can't imagine how the heck cat ended there..., the second wondered.

Is it not her responsibility to make sure her cat was protected and safe in the house so it couldn't get in the hole in the wall? Another said.