13-year-old boy founded his own sustainable development company and earns $240,000 each year

Sunday, 17/12/2023, 18:08 (GMT+7)

13-year-old Kaeden Patel earns a six-figure income through his innovative sustainability startup, making a significant impact on the industry at a young age.

Kaeden Patel, a 13-year-old entrepreneur, has earned an impressive $240,000 annually through his eco-education company

In a remarkable display of entrepreneurial prowess, a 13-year-old prodigy named Kaeden Patel has taken the sustainability industry by storm, earning a staggering $240,000 annually through his innovative eco-education company. 

Unlike his peers who spend their time engrossed in video games or sports, Kaeden has harnessed his passion for saving the planet to create a successful venture that has garnered international attention.

13-year-old boy founded his own sustainable development company and earns $240,000 each year 1
13-year-old prodigy Kaeden Patel earns $240,000 per year through his eco-education company, utilizing virtual reality to teach sustainable practices and conservation to children through engaging cartoon characters. Image Credit: Daily mail

The company utilizes virtual reality technology to deliver immersive and educational experiences, teaching young minds about sustainable practices and environmental conservation. 

Their platform features 12 captivating cartoon characters, each designed to engage and educate children on various green issues.

Kaeden and Vasco Connor founded Sustainable Squad, an eco-education company empowering children to combat climate change

Together with his 11-year-old business partner, Vasco Connor from Singapore, Kaeden founded the Sustainable Squad, an eco-education company aimed at empowering children to become agents of change in the fight against climate change. 

Remarkably, Kaeden and Vasco have yet to meet in person. Instead, they rely on virtual reality avatars to conduct their daily business meetings, which encompass brainstorming sessions, educational activities, and game-playing. 

13-year-old boy founded his own sustainable development company and earns $240,000 each year 2
Kaeden Patel and Vasco Connor founded Sustainable Squad, an eco-education company, uses virtual reality for remote collaboration. Image Credit: Kaeden Patel

"At my age, earning this much money is amazing—it just motivates me to want more," Patel said.

"I don't think I'll spend all of my money on sweets, even though I really like them," he added.

"Me and Vasco meet in a social hangout space in VR, we play some games, and there’s some educational stuff, like quizzes. We meet in a private space to discuss our business,"  Patel explained.

"I've always been quite confident," Patel admitted

When asked about his impressive achievements, Kaeden humbly attributes his success to his confidence and willingness to take risks.

He recalls his early involvement in charitable projects, where he and his sisters organized fundraisers to support starving children in Africa. 

Inspired by this experience, he decided to launch the Sustainability Squad, channeling his passion for sustainability into a business venture that has surpassed all expectations.

13-year-old boy founded his own sustainable development company and earns $240,000 each year 3
Kaeden Patel's success stems from his confidence, risk-taking, and involvement in charitable projects, leading him to launch the Sustainability Squad. Image Credit: Daily Mail

"Me and my sisters rotated roles every year,’ he said, "I think I was maybe five years old. One time, I became the CEO, and I loved it, so I thought I wanted more of this, so we decided to launch the Sustainability Squad," Patel recounted.

13-year-old Kaeden Patel earns cryptocurrency through his father's education platform, fueling his academic and entrepreneurial journey

Since his father founded Kabuni, an education platform that allows kids to earn cryptocurrency for learning (Patel views his business as "learning"), Patel's revenues have come from the cryptocurrency he has amassed through this platform. In recent months, the value of these coins has increased dramatically.

Kabuni, a web3 education platform, is equipping children with the tech skills necessary for the future business landscape. Homeschooling and virtual reality play a prominent role in their curriculum.

Remarkably, there are a dozen children worldwide who have earned six-figure sums in USDT cryptocurrency through Kabuni.

The home-schooling approach adopted by Kaeden has not only allowed him to excel academically but has also fostered his entrepreneurial spirit.

13-year-old boy founded his own sustainable development company and earns $240,000 each year 4
Kaeden Patel's revenues come from Kabuni's cryptocurrency platform, which focuses on homeschooling, virtual reality, and equipping children with future tech skills. Image Credit: Daily Mail

"It’s much better than school because I get to play cricket three times a week during school hours - and I’m way ahead of my age in maths and stuff."

"At school, you wouldn't you wouldn't just be allowed to sit and create your own business during maths, would you? Home-schooling gave me time and supported me to create it and, like, gave me the platform to do it," he concluded.

Looking to the future, Kaeden and Vasco are determined to expand their company's reach and impact. 

They plan to produce a book and continue developing their line of sustainable merchandise, featuring the popular AI-generated characters that have captivated children worldwide.

He stated that his simple advice to other young individuals considering starting a business is to "don't be afraid to fail: you have time."