Man left ‘sweating and shaking, vomiting’ after trying McDonald's burger

Friday, 01/12/2023, 16:23 (GMT+7)

A customer reported that he vomited due to partially cooked meat in his order of Quarter Pounder burger bought from McDonald's.

Fans of the fast-food restaurant often choose the meat-filled Quarter Pounder, which was exactly what Anton Vallely ordered last weekend (November 25).

Man left ‘sweating and shaking, vomiting’ after trying McDonald's burger 1
An Australian man encountered a disgusting incident when ordering food from McDonald's. Image Credit: Getty

According to Valley, he picked up his order from the Coolum store on the Sunshine Coast at about 2 a.m. and hoped it would meet his hunger.

Shortly after, he immediately realized the burger tasted weird, so he looked at the meat more closely with the flashlight on his phone.

Man left ‘sweating and shaking, vomiting’ after trying McDonald's burger 2
He picked up his food order at a McDonald's on the Sunshine Coast at around 2 a.m. Image Credit: Getty

When he noticed that the two patties that make up the Quarter Pounder seemed only partially cooked, he began to get a strange sensation in his throat.

“I was sick as soon as I realized, and now my throat feels weird and I’ve been sweating," Vallely recounted.

"I feel like there's been a difference in my singing as well from the vomiting," he continued, adding that he has been "sweating and shaking" since consuming the burger.

Although Vallely didn't feel sick enough to visit a doctor, he thought it was "worth saying something."

Vallely called the situation 'unacceptable' and expressed worry that undercooked food would have dangerous consequences for other customers, particularly pregnant women.

Man left ‘sweating and shaking, vomiting’ after trying McDonald's burger 3
The man discovered that the meat inside was only partially cooked, causing a disgusting taste when he ate. Image Credit: Anton Vallely

After calling McDonald's to let them know what had happened, the customer returned the burger to the restaurant so they could look into it further.

"McDonald's takes food safety extremely seriously and follows strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of our food," a McDonald's spokeswoman said in a statement regarding the complaint.

“We can confirm McDonald’s Coolum Beach received a complaint regarding an undercooked beef patty on Monday, 27 November.

“We immediately investigated the claim and offered the customer a full refund and replacement meal.

“We treat complaints of this nature very seriously and will continue to work with the restaurant on the necessary actions.”

Man left ‘sweating and shaking, vomiting’ after trying McDonald's burger 4
McDonald's offered a refund and replacement meal after an incident, but the customer refused, claiming to be sick of fast food. Image Credit: McDonald's

Even though Vallely was given a refund and another meal from McDonald's, the man claimed he got sick of fast food.

Vallely also revealed that a buddy of his who placed a similar order at McDonald's was served a burger that was cooked all the way.