Doctor removed coconut from man's rectum

Sunday, 24/03/2024, 06:00 (GMT+7)

A man caused shock after shoving a coconut into his bum and needed to have it yanked out by surgeons.

Doctors remove coconut lodged in man's rectum in Taiwan

In a medical intervention that garnered attention, surgeons in Taiwan successfully extracted a coconut lodged in a man's rectum.

Doctor removed coconut from man's rectum 1
The doctor successfully removed a coconut from the man's abdomen. Image Credits: Getty

The incident, detailed in the British Journal of Surgery, shed light on the risks associated with such occurrences.

Medics claimed that he had been unable to urinate and complained of severe abdominal pain. 

A 56-year-old man, whose identity remains undisclosed, presented at a hospital in Taiwan after experiencing severe abdominal pain and urinary difficulties.

Doctor removed coconut from man's rectum 2
The coconut, measuring 7.5cm by 5.7cm, was removed from his abdomen. Image Credits: ViralPress

Despite enduring two days of discomfort, the man did not disclose the reason behind inserting the coconut into his rectum.

Upon examination, medical scans revealed the coconut's presence, causing compression of the urethra and obstructing normal urinary function. In response, surgeons at E-Da Hospital in Kaohsiung City performed a laparotomy to extract the coconut, measuring 7.5cm by 5.7cm.

Doctor removed coconut from man's rectum 3
A man in Taiwan required surgical intervention after inserting a coconut into his rectum. Image Credits: ViralPress

The specific date of the incident was not disclosed in the case report. However, the recovery period following laparotomy typically spans between six to eight weeks, with hospitalization lasting up to five days, as per NHS guidelines.

Previously, doctors were stunned to find objects lodged in the rectum of patients

Historical records of similar incidents date back centuries, with reports ranging from corks to plastic aerosol caps found in intimate areas.

Doctor removed coconut from man's rectum 4
Surgeons performed a laparotomy to extract the coconut. Image Credits: ViralPress

NHS data indicates approximately 400 cases of foreign objects lodged in English anuses annually, incurring significant healthcare costs.