Frightening moment: Huge cobra suddenly attacks golf

Wednesday, 15/11/2023, 15:24 (GMT+7)

The video captures the moment a huge cobra invades the golf course, causing fear.

A South African golf course faced an unexpected challenge when an angry cobra invaded the green, causing chaos in a viral Instagram video.

Frightening moment: Huge cobra suddenly attacks golf 1
Image Credits: Instagram/@elithapeachey

The horrible clip was captured at the Atlantic Beach Golf Club in Cape Town on a Saturday. The video with the caption: "(Cape Cobra), on our ladies’ tee box!”, showed a massive cape cobra, one of Africa's deadliest snakes, slithering onto the course with an aggressive hood flare.

In the video, the agitated cobra terrifyingly proceeds to knock over one of the course signs with its venomous fangs. 

Frightening moment: Huge cobra suddenly attacks golf 2
Image Credits: Instagram/@elithapeachey

Interestingly, the cobra's behavior might have been an attempt to ward off a potential threat.

It is speculated that it tries to evade a predator, as the footage reveals a mongoose, a chief adversary of the cobra, lurking in the brush at the green's edge.

Frightening moment: Huge cobra suddenly attacks golf 3
Image Credits: Instagram/@elithapeachey

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the golfer was lucky not to have been bitten by the cold-blooded course crasher. The cape cobra is one of South Africa's most dangerous snakes, responsible for the highest number of fatal snake bites in the region, alongside the black mamba.

The Instagram video of the cobra's course adventure garnered attention, with users shocked after witnessing the unexpected wildlife encounter.

Frightening moment: Huge cobra suddenly attacks golf 4
Image Credits: Instagram/@elithapeachey

One person said: Yeah you don’t notice, but this is actually a cobra running for its life from a mongoose. Look in the background. Africa doesn’t play.

While a second wrote: Is that a mongoose in the background wonder the danger noodle is having a bad day.

A third commented: The mongoose in the back, casually waiting for his lunch to settle down.

Someone else said: It's got a mongoose chasing it. Cobras just looking to run for its life not be menacing to anyone. You built a gold course in its natural habitat.

Watching the video: