Internet baffled as mother asks for help after the cupboard without breaking the plates?

Tuesday, 02/01/2024, 10:59 (GMT+7)

A frustrated mother was left baffled after discovering a large stack of porcelain plates on the verge of falling off the shelf. She sought help from the internet community.

In a seemingly ordinary situation, a household faced a puzzling question: whether to open a cupboard. This left them scratching their heads on the internet with excitement

The question left an internet user baffled when someone sought an answer on whether to open a cupboard or not.

The source of the commotion was a photograph taken by a frustrated mother, who then shared it on social media and sought answers through a petition.

 Internet baffled as mother asks for help after the cupboard without breaking the plates? 1
The original post was shared by Taiwanese user Tseng Shao-Tsen, who posted it on Facebook. Image credit: Facebook

The picture revealed a precarious stack of porcelain plates inside the cupboard, on the verge of tumbling off a shelf. Despite the mother's frustration and desire to retrieve a dish, the plates seemed destined to shatter upon any attempt to open the cupboard

The mother baffled and wondered how to get the dishes out of the cupboard

The initial Facebook post by user Tseng Shao-Tsen had the caption, "This is a cupboard that can never be opened." 

 Internet baffled as mother asks for help after the cupboard without breaking the plates? 2
After being reposted on Reddit by a user, the image has since become viral again. Image Credits: @u/ameen__shaikh/Reddit

Originally shared on Baoliao Community, a Taiwan-based Facebook group, in 2016, the image recently regained viral status after a user reposted it on Reddit.

According to the Daily Mail, Tseng, from Hsinchu, Taiwan, said the photo was taken by a stay-at-home mom friend of his. Through Tseng's post, she wants assistance from the internet.

The post has sparked debate on social media, leaving internet users baffled. 

Below the post, numerous people debated whether or not to open the cupboard. In the flood of comments, some suggested that the mother mentally prepare to buy new dishes if she decides to open the cabinet, while others claimed that she should rotate the cabinet to lie down on the floor first to ensure it is safe to open.

 Internet baffled as mother asks for help after the cupboard without breaking the plates? 3
A frustrated mother took the picture, which showed a big stack of porcelain plates falling off the shelf. Image Credits: Facebook

The post has gained 15,000 reactions and 1000 comments at the time of this writing.

The internet user experienced an extreme headache due to this incident. Several users admitted that their minds went completely blank when they saw the photo. However, others felt excited and claimed they had experienced the same thing. 

One person said: She's going to have to take or break the glass panel underneath, or maybe even the one next to it, and reach up and push the plates back up.

A second wrote: Take out an upper pain of glass. There's a good chance you can put your hand in from above and pull them back to the shelf and safety. Items that would help glass cutter and a suction pad.

While a third suggested: Popping the back panel of the cabinet. It's usually a staple or small finishing nail. Easy mode yo. Some crazy ideas in here about breaking glass or laying the cabinet down... silly talk. 

Another said: It's so simple. Just put some mattresses below the door of the cupboard... One person opens the door and the second person quickly grabs the rest. Fallen plates will be safe if minimal in number.. Timing does matter.