Man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as 'horror movie'

Monday, 25/03/2024, 16:17 (GMT+7)

The man is one of only 75 individuals in the world who suffer from a rare 'demon face syndrome' that causes his life just like hell.

Victor Sharrah's life has become a horror movie as he always sees people turn into demons.

Contracted with a rare neurological condition called prosopometamorphopsia (PMO), he sees distorted and demon-like faces everywhere he goes. 

As one of only 75 known cases worldwide, Sharrah's harrowing experience sheds light on the eerie reality of living with 'demon face syndrome.'

Man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as 'horror movie' 1
A Tennessee man trapped in a 'horror movie' due to a rare neurological condition. Image Credit: Facebook

Victor Sharrah, a man from Clarksville, Tennessee, has been trapped in a real-life horror movie due to a rare neurological condition known as prosopometamorphopsia (PMO).

Only 75 individuals worldwide have encountered this condition, and it has transformed Sharrah's life into a never-ending nightmare over the past three years. 

Unlike the relief found after a horror film, Sharrah's torment persists without respite.

A man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as a 'horror movie'

The 59-year-old first encountered the bizarre symptoms of PMO in November 2021 when he noticed his roommate appearing to have a 'demon face' as he walked through their apartment. 

Man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as 'horror movie' 2
Clarksville man, 59, developed PMO, saw roommate with 'demon face' in November 2021. Image Credit: Facebook

The man's features seemed distorted, with a stretched mouth, elongated and goblin-like ears, stretched-out eyes, flared nostrils, and deeply grooved brow, cheeks, and chin.

Sharrah was petrified, feeling like he had stepped into a scene from a Star Trek movie.

Sharrah quickly discovered that the horrifying faces were not confined to his roommate alone. 

While taking his dog for a walk, he observed that every person he encountered on the street had distorted and unsettling visages.

Man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as 'horror movie' 3
The man sees everyone turn into demons with terrifying faces. Image Credit: Getty

He was finally diagnosed with prosopometamorphopsia (PMO) by experts

The overwhelming fear consumed him, causing him to think about going to a mental hospital to get help.

Subsequent investigations revealed that Sharrah's experiences were actually the result of PMO, causing distortions in his perception of faces. 

Strangely, he perceived faces on TV screens and in photographs as normal. 

This unique aspect of his condition has provided scientists with an extraordinary opportunity to delve deeper into the effects of this rare disorder. 

Man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as 'horror movie' 4
PMO syndrome causes the man to have false identities about the people around him. Image Credit: Getty

They have collaborated with Sharrah to recreate images of the 'demon faces' he sees, aiming to gain a better understanding of the condition.

What is PMO?

PMO affects the area of the brain responsible for facial recognition, leading to warped perceptions of faces instead of the usual recognizable ones. 

Its exact cause remains uncertain, although it is commonly associated with head injuries, ischemic strokes, migraines, and epilepsy.

Sharrah, who has a history of bipolar disorder and suffered a head injury in 2007, hopes that his experiences can help prevent others from mistakenly being diagnosed with psychosis when they may be dealing with a vision disorder. 

Man who suffers from 'demon face syndrome' depicts his life as 'horror movie' 5
These are the devilish face shapes as described by people with PMO. Image Credit: Getty

He deeply desires progress in medical treatments that can relieve the distress he has suffered.

While most cases of PMO last only a few days or weeks, some sufferers, like Sharrah, experience distortions for years. 

Although he has somewhat adapted to seeing 'demon faces' everywhere he goes, he still holds onto the hope that his condition will correct itself and eventually disappear.