Man parks vans on roof of apartment building to avoid parking fines

Thursday, 05/10/2023, 11:58 (GMT+7)

To avoid parking fines, a man decided to park his van on the roof.

According to social media, the image of vans on the roof of an apartment building to avoid parking fines went viral.

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In a notable incident that took place in Taipei, Taiwan, the owner of two vans resorted to parking them on the roof of the building where he lives in order to avoid parking fines.

Man parks vans on roof of apartment building to avoid parking fines 1
Image Credits: CNA

In this shared picture, one van was seen snugly placed on the top story of the roof, occupying the highest position in the department.  While another van is propped against the wall at an awkward angle,  its rear end even protrudes from the building. 

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Look at the bizarre placement of the vans, the neighbors around express concerns and complaints with officials and police. However, the owner dismissed their concerns and reassured them that the building was constructed using concrete and steel bars.

Man parks vans on roof of apartment building to avoid parking fines 2
Image Credits: CNA

According to the China Times, in an interview,  the owner vans share with the reporter that, the presence of the vans would not affect the building. He hopes others do not make a fuss. 

According to CNA, in the past, the owner has repeatedly received fines for parking violations on his vans on the street. To avoid parking fines, he hires a crane to put them onto his roof. The owner's actions are not breaking any laws.

According to Lin Kuan-Jen, the local borough confirmed that the vans had been stationed on the roof for a period of two years.

Finally, the owner eventually agreed to remove the vans from his roof, even though he had not violated any laws. Additionally, he would relocate the vans to the Taoyuan Mountains for parking