People vow never to eat 'spaghetti chicken' after learning what it's made of

Saturday, 30/03/2024, 17:21 (GMT+7)

Several people felt disgusted after learning how 'spaghetti chicken' was made, and they vowed never to eat it again.

On social media, a viral post sparked debate about spaghetti chicken, leaving several users vowing never to eat it again.

The recent social media post has caused confusion and disgust among viewers.

People vow never to eat 'spaghetti chicken' after learning what it's made of 1
In the viral post on social media, the revelation about 'spaghetti chicken' led people to vow never to eat it again. Image Credit: Facebook

 A Texas mother, Alesia Cooper, shared her experience while preparing chicken breasts for her children's dinner.  As Ms. Cooper washed the raw meat, it began to separate in her hands, taking on a stringy and squishy texture.  Believing it to be "fake meat," Ms. Cooper's post quickly went viral, causing concern and aversion towards "spaghetti chicken."

The post quickly went viral on social media and sparked debate about this food.

Thankfully, fact-checkers were able to dispel the "fake meat" rumor.  The phenomenon Ms. Cooper encountered is actually known as "spaghetti meat," a condition affecting a small portion of commercially raised poultry.

People vow never to eat 'spaghetti chicken' after learning what it's made of 2
A viral post on social media, shared by Alesia Cooper, revealed the unsettling nature of 'spaghetti meat'. Image Credit: Facebook

One person said:  At first I was surpised at how small the chicken breasts and other parts were but I now understand what natural is. When I get home I rinse , dry and season the meats then vacuum seal them. Theres a whole lot less fat trimming that I have to do. And the taste and texture is better.

A second wrote: I am so glad that I don't eat meat of any kind. It is disgusting stuff.

While a third commented: I have a really hard time with chicken now. Because of the smell but they also bully and pick on me. Constantly making fun of me. 

Someone else said: That photo makes me want to hurl.

Another added:  ALDI is disgusting, but can stay in business because our FDA does not care what happens to us.

The 'spaghetti meat' is the result of breeding to make big-breasted chickens grow faster.

People vow never to eat 'spaghetti chicken' after learning what it's made of 3
'Spaghetti meat' is a result of breeding practices aimed at accelerating the growth of chickens. Image Credits: Getty

"Spaghetti meat" is a consequence of breeding practices focused on accelerating growth, particularly breast size, in chickens.  Rapidly growing these birds within a short timeframe can limit oxygen flow to muscle tissues.  This oxygen deficiency can cause muscle fibers to separate, resulting in a stringy texture.

Despite the unusual texture, "spaghetti meat" is perfectly safe for consumption. 

You may simply notice a chewier consistency compared to typical chicken.  

The National Chicken Council confirms that commercially raised broiler chickens, bred specifically for meat, are growing at an increasingly rapid pace.

These growth advancements stem from selective breeding practices aimed at producing birds with larger breast muscles in a shorter timeframe.

 This translates to more meat per chicken, ultimately increasing profitability for poultry producers.

People vow never to eat 'spaghetti chicken' after learning what it's made of 4
Despite its unusual texture, 'spaghetti meat' is deemed safe to consume, yet it has raised concerns. Image Credits: Getty

In fact, 'spaghetti meat' remains safe to eat.

"Spaghetti meat" is simply a term used to describe chicken breast fillets that can be pulled apart by hand, resembling stringy spaghetti noodles. 

While the texture might be unexpected, there's no need to be alarmed.  This chicken is still safe to cook and consume.