World's most terrifying hotel surrounded by sharks, accessible only by helicopter

Wednesday, 03/01/2024, 15:57 (GMT+7)

The Frying Pan Hotel was originally a lighthouse for protecting ships from treacherous waters, but now offers adventurous accommodations surrounded by sharks and is accessible only by helicopter.

Situated amidst sharks and reachable just via helicopter, the Frying Pan Hotel is an oasis for thrill-seekers and intrepid travelers.

This amazing location promises stunning views that will astound you and heart-pounding activities that will leave you speechless. 

World's most terrifying hotel surrounded by sharks, accessible only by helicopter 1
Image Credit: Frying Pan Hotel

Frying Pan Hotel: Unique structure and location

The Frying Pan Hotel is located 32 miles off the east coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. 

It is situated on the Frying Pan Shoals, a treacherous stretch of shallow waters known for causing shipwrecks. 

The hotel itself is an enormous metal structure mounted on four metal struts, standing at a height of 41 meters above sea level. 

It is connected to the mainland by helicopter, making it only accessible to guests via air transportation.

World's most terrifying hotel surrounded by sharks, accessible only by helicopter 2
The Frying Pan Hotel, a 41-meter-high metal structure off the coast of North Carolina, is connected to the mainland via helicopter for air transportation only. Image Credit: Getty

The Frying Pan Hote's History

The hotel was initially constructed in 1964 to keep an eye on passing ships and make sure they don't run aground in the shallow waters on the Frying Pan Rocks.

Even though it is an ideal spot for fishermen, it is very dangerous, as more than 130 new shipwrecks were reported in just 14 years on the 28-mile.

In reality, the Frying Pan Hotel was a lighthouse to warn vessels to keep their distance.

While lighthouses are often placed on solid ground, this one seemed more distinctive when it was built in the middle of the ocean, leading it to resemble an oil platform.

World's most terrifying hotel surrounded by sharks, accessible only by helicopter 3
The Frying Pan Hotel, built in 1964, serves as a lighthouse on Frying Pan Rocks, warning vessels to stay away from dangerous waters.

Later, more sophisticated GPS made the tower unnecessary for its intended application, although it can still be put to various uses, such as an observation platform to study local wildlife.

After purchasing the Frying Pan in 2010, Richard Neil, an Oklahoman, decided to transform it into a distinctive lodging option.

Shark Encounters

One of the main attractions of the Frying Pan Hotel is the opportunity to encounter sharks up close. 

The hotel is surrounded by a variety of shark species, including bull sharks, tiger sharks, and hammerhead sharks. These predators are attracted to the area due to the abundance of fish in the shallow waters.

Guests can witness these magnificent creatures from the safety of the hotel's underwater observation deck. 

The deck is located 10 meters below sea level and offers a 360-degree view of the ocean. It is equipped with large windows and underwater lights to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.

World's most terrifying hotel surrounded by sharks, accessible only by helicopter 4
The Frying Pan Hotel offers guests the chance to witness sharks up close from its underwater observation deck, offering a 360-degree view of the ocean. Image Credit: Getty

While the idea of being surrounded by sharks may seem scary, the Frying Pan Hotel takes all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of its guests. 

The hotel has a team of experienced marine biologists who monitor shark activity and guide guests during their stay.

All guests must attend a safety briefing upon arrival, where they are educated on how to behave around sharks and what to do in an emergency. 

The hotel also provides guests with protective gear such as wetsuits and snorkeling masks to ensure their safety while participating in water activities.

Transportation Options to  the Frying Pan Hotel

As mentioned earlier, the only way to access the Frying Pan Hotel is by helicopter

The hotel has a designated helipad where guests can land upon arrival. The helicopter ride itself is an exciting experience, offering panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding islands.

World's most terrifying hotel surrounded by sharks, accessible only by helicopter 5
The Frying Pan Hotel is accessible exclusively by helicopter, with a designated helipad for guests to land upon arrival. Image Credit: Getty

For guests who prefer not to take a helicopter, there is also the option to arrive by boat. The hotel provides transportation services from the mainland to the hotel for an additional fee. 

Pricing and ReservationsDue to its remote location and unique features, the Frying Pan Hotel is considered a luxury destination. 

The prices vary depending on the type of accommodation and the activities chosen by the guests. A standard room starts at $500 per night, while the underwater rooms can cost up to $1000 per night.