Man furious after hotel employee lies about his noise-making

Friday, 15/12/2023, 16:46 (GMT+7)

A hotel guest was furious when a worker lied about the noise coming from his sewing machine.

In a recently viral video, designer Bad JuJu (@badjujudesign) shared an amusing incident involving a complaint about the noise from his sewing machine. 

According to the video, Bad JuJu received a call from the front desk notifying him about a complaint made by someone regarding the noise caused by his sewing machine.

Man furious after hotel employee lies about his noise-making 1
Bad JuJu received a noise complaint about his sewing machine from the front desk. Image Credit: TikTok/@badjujudesign

JuJu found the complaint inappropriate for several reasons

Firstly, he was sewing during the daytime, when people are typically awake and active, rather than during early morning or late night hours when noise could be more disruptive.

Secondly, JuJu realized that his adjacent neighbors were his co-workers

To address the situation, he promptly messaged them individually, apologizing for any noise disturbance caused by his sewing machine. 

Man furious after hotel employee lies about his noise-making 2
Juju was confused by a complaint from someone conveyed to him by the hotel receptionist. Image Credit: TikTok/@badjujudesign

However, to his surprise, they responded that they hadn't heard any noise or weren't even present in their rooms. 

This revelation added another confusion to the situation, leaving JuJu even more puzzled about the origin of the complaint.

JuJu also considered that the person who complained could be staying across the hall.

However, he then discovered that there was no guest room across from his own. Instead, he found only the presence of an ice machine.

Man furious after hotel employee lies about his noise-making 3
JuJu was even more confused when his co-workers all confirmed that they did not complain to the hotel receptionist about any noise from his room. Image Credit: TikTok/@badjujudesign

Furthermore, JuJu noted that the noise from his sewing machine was quieter than the audible hum of the air conditioner.

JuJu decided to contact the hotel's front desk for clarification. 

The person who answered the call confessed to being the one who complained about the noise. 

This revelation meant that the front desk worker had fabricated the story about it being an unknown guest complaint to JuJu.

“I was walking down the hallway and heard, like, some loud noise coming out of that room that you’re staying in.

“So I went ahead and just made the call because you shouldn’t be making any kind of loud noise like that. You have to be respectful. This is a hotel,” JuJu recalls the worker telling him.

Man furious after hotel employee lies about his noise-making 4
JuJu then discovered the one who complained about his sewing machine was the hotel worker. Image Credit: TikTok/@badjujudesign

JuJu stated that he did not appreciate the impolite attitude of the worker, likely feeling frustrated and disappointed by the dishonesty of the hotel.

“She was such a b*tch for no reason,” he says in the clip. “So you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna keep sewing," he insisted.

People were perplexed about why the front desk worker was so irritated by the noise from JuJu's sewing machine since sewing machines are not typically known for being loud.

I worked at a hotel. I 100% guarantee people are doing it louder than that sewing machine, one user said.

Are you kidding me.. sewing machine are not loud at all, the second replied.

Hotel worker here & we only do that after 8-9 pm she's just a hater, someone wrote.

Nope, you should call the manager, another gave an advice.