Dating expert reveals signs that a guy doesn't like you

Sunday, 19/11/2023, 18:07 (GMT+7)

A dating influencer revealed the signs that a man may not like you and the code word they use if they want nothing to do with you.

A dating expert has revealed the top signals that the man you're obsessing about doesn't like you, allowing you to move on and establish a 'roster' instead.

Sarah Lauren is a TikTok influencer from New York City who frequently gives fashion, beauty, and love advice to her 418,000 followers.

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Image Credit: TikTok/@sarahlauren71

Sarah's viral videos, which have garnered over 20.9 million views, have captivated women who are struggling to understand their love interest's intentions.

In the first clip, which garnered over 4.2 million views, she said: "Here are the things guys do when they don't like you, and by don't like you I mean not trying to pursue you to be more than a fling, a hookup, or a situationship."

"The first sign your beau may not have feelings for you is if they only text you on the weekends or at night," she continued. 

Sarah stated that these are their "fun" times and they are not trying to be serious with you.

"If all you see is his bedroom, that is the only place in his life he wants you to see," she said of the second sign. 

Dating expert reveals signs that a guy doesn't like you 2
Image Credit: TikTok/@sarahlauren71

According to the influencer, if he does not take you out on proper dates, he is unlikely to modify his behaviors.

"If he's not doing that, he doesn't want you to be involved in his life in that way," she added.

She then urged ladies to be careful of men who call themselves "bad texters." 

"Any guy will text you and find time and make time to text you if they want to and if they're interested and want to pursue you. And if not, they will call you. So they will make time to put that effort in, and if they don't and he says he is a "bad texter", no sweetheart, he's not a bad texter he's just not that interested," Sarah explained.

Sarah shared even more warning signals that males aren't interested in you in a follow-up video. This time, the influencer mentioned that they are "the next level." 

"Coming in strong with number one, the code word. If they use this code word, they don't care about you that much," she said. 

"If they say that they are "busy", they aren't trying, they don't even want to try. They just aren't that into you and they're just "busy" so that they can avoid anything to do with you," she emphasized. 

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Image Credit: TikTok/@sarahlauren71

Sarah explained that people schedule their time for those they want to see, so if your crush isn't making time for you, he may not care.

She also emphasized that men's physical touch, such as hugging, touching their legs, or holding hands, can indicate their level of interest in a relationship.

The influencer continued: "Number three, are you the person he tells good news to? Or do you find out later from his friends?"

Sarah stated that if a man doesn't immediately express positive aspects of his life to you, it suggests he may not value your opinion.

"If you see that he's getting frustrated by you a little too often, chances are he is just annoyed by you and he's annoyed by your presence and he will never like you because you frustrate him and guys get frustrated very easily." 

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Image Credit: TikTok/@sarahlauren71

"They can only be with a girl, yes for sexual attraction - if they are just looking for that - but also if they want to be with a girl, they have to be with someone they can get along with because guys get frustrated very easily and if you're frustrating him and that's just your personality, he's just not that into you," she explained.

The dating expert emphasized that if a man isn't listening to or liking your social media posts, he doesn't care about you.

She advised women to build their rosters and not focus on one man if he doesn't provide what they want.

Viewers praised her advice and shared their shock at the non-sugarcoated signs.

"These are so good," one user said.

"She's really spot on," another replied.

"My heart is breaking when I watch this video,"

"Her advice is really useful. I can save an amount of time when have a crush on some guys," someone commented.