Mum's stunned after spotting two 'sticks' on her ceiling

Saturday, 30/12/2023, 15:48 (GMT+7)

A mother was left shocked when she discovered two 'sticks' stuck to the ceiling.

A mother was left horrified when she found two peculiar sticks adhered to her bathroom, and without an explanation, they never appeared.

When a woman discovered these two sticks on her bathroom ceiling, she was baffled.

She was shocked and decided to seek advice from online cleaning and home experts to unravel the mystery behind these tiny brown 'twigs. 

Mum's stunned after spotting two 'sticks' on her ceiling 1
A mother was shocked to discover two "sticks" "out of nowhere" affixed to her bathroom ceiling.. Image Credits: Facebook

One person said: It could be two legs of a massive spider.

A second shared:  The warmer the climate, the grosser the bugs.

A third wrote: Imagine if they're the legs of a giant Huntsman

Someone else said: I was afraid to scroll down thinking they would show it was huge spider's legs or something instead!

Another commented: Wow this is scary. Like something out of aliens. When you see weird shapes you know something is seriously wrong. The termites are inside the walls of the home.

Mum's stunned after spotting two 'sticks' on her ceiling 2
In her restroom, a woman discovered termites. Numerous users suggested that termites were the culprits. Image Credits: Getty

Termites are the culprit, causing two 'sticks' on the ceiling

According to pest control experts, these unusual formations are irregularly shaped and consist of wood matter, dirt, feces, and saliva. They can be found both indoors and outdoors.

These tubes are created by termites and serve to protect them from predators and dehydration, as subterranean termites require moisture to survive while traveling between their nest and a food source.

The woman was taken aback upon learning the true identity of the spindly brown 'twigs' growing from her bathroom ceiling.

She admitted that termites pose a potential risk.

Someone said: These are termite tubes. The ropes hanging from our ceiling looked so creepy. They actually have live termites in them, so don't just knock them down! Good luck.

Another wrote: If you have subterranean termites coming out your ceiling, you got a bad infestation.

Other commented: Let your mortgage company know you have a termite infestation they will be really happy to hear that.

Mum's stunned after spotting two 'sticks' on her ceiling 3
These two sticks on her bathroom ceiling are caused by termites. Image Credits: Getty

Termites are responsible for damaging around 34,000 Australian homes annually, with the average cost of cleanup totaling approximately $10,000 each time. Identifying signs like the formation of mud on walls or ceilings can be crucial.

Regular pest inspections are recommended by experts at Termi Trust to detect termites before they cause extensive damage.

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